Month: May 2021

Strawberries tracked through QR and RFID

Strawberries tracked through QR and RFID combination

Belgian fresh fruit and vegetable auctioneers Coöperatie Hoogstraten has worked with RFID technology supplier Aucxis to provide visibility and to track the movements of its strawberries throughout the supply chain. The system enables it to ensure fast and efficient delivery of its empty cardboard trays and punnets to growers for packaging the fruit.

Future Proofing Pharma Supply Chain

Future Proofing Your Supply Chain

Future-proofing the supply chain is essential to prepare for new challenges that will face the industry. Every part of the chain is vulnerable to events that can impact global supply, highlighting the need for innovative processes, Supply Chain 2.0. The pharma industry needs to be able to respond to changing demands. From ingredient shortages to issues with lead times and regulatory approvals, an agile approach will help to counter some of the risks that could not only have an impact on distribution but the financial element too.

Microfibrillar Cellulose by tugraz

Material Research Says Yes to Wood

Researchers at TU Graz develop green alternatives to fossil raw materials. Bio-based materials are expected to reduce pollution and drive the shift to a more sustainable economy. As a renewable resource, wood offers great potential in the fight against the climate crisis. First, it sequesters large amounts of carbon (1 ton per cubic meter!). Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil based resources, which cause the majority of greenhouse gas emissions.

Stadler Service Data Cloud

STADLER Service Data Cloud platform enhances sorting plant efficiency and increases uptime

STADLER has developed in-house the Service Data Cloud, a cloud-based platform, which captures operating and sensor data from the equipment at the customer’s sorting plant. The information is securely stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on- or off-site through a web portal. The SDC leverages automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to optimize and increase the efficiency of processes in STADLER sorting plants and provide better, faster support to its customers.

Microwave safe RFID tag added to Stora Enso’s ECO family

Microwave safe RFID tag added to Stora Enso’s ECO family

Stora Enso’s ECO Meal UHF RFID tag for the food and beverage industry has a printed paper antenna and can be applied to, or built into, microwaveable packaged foods without posing a fire or arcing hazard, says the company. The tag rounds out AIPIA member Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging’s portfolio of food and beverage RFID labels, known as the ECO RFID Food & Beverage Collection.

Cosmo Films Ltd. Launches Opaque Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Films Ltd. Launches CSPR-2 (M) O BTC – A non-tearable and co-extruded 100% Opaque Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Films Ltd., a global leader in speciality films for flexible packaging, labeling and lamination applications as well as synthetic paper, introduces 100% Opaque Synthetic Paper (OSP) which is specially designed for a dangler application. A non tearable, co-extruded , white opaque, and both sides matte coated film which resembles paper in appearance is best suited for outdoor applications where printing is done on both sides and requires 100% opacity. With remarkable moisture resistance, this white opaque paper yields superior ink adhesion and exceptional colour reproducibility.

INEOS Styrolution celebrates 90 years of Polystyrene

INEOS Styrolution celebrates 90 years of Polystyrene

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, celebrates 90 years of polystyrene, a material that has significantly contributed to societal well-being for over almost a century. Polystyrene became one of the first commercially available polymers enabling a wide range of products that enhance our daily lives. Polystyrene is made for recycling, making it the material of choice for the future.

The key to achieving Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Ravi Mody

Ep 13 – The key to achieving Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Ravi Mody

On this Episode of Packaging Talks – The key to achieving Sustainable Packaging Solutions, we are excited to be in conversation with Ravi Mody, An Innovator with 20 years of experience and track record of delivering breakthrough consumer packaging & enabling technologies for Food & Beverage Industry. In his conversation with Dr Rangaprasad, Ravi captures …

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Study on paper composites confirms: more waste and less recycling

Experts from industry, politics and science have been observing the trend towards the substitution of pure plastic packaging by paper composites – i.e. packaging made from a material mix of paper and plastic – for a long time. It is not uncommon for these to be advertised with “less plastic”, suggesting a special environmental friendliness to the consumer. This trend can be observed more frequently, especially for service packaging and higher-priced foods as well as organic items.

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