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PVC – Sustainability & Environment

Perlen Packaging is a global group of companies in the foil manufacturing and coating industry. Its headquarters are in Perlen and it specialises in manufacturing PVC based blister foils for pharmaceutical primary packaging. Vinyl Plus is a programme for the sustainable development of the entire PVC value chain, to which the European PVC industry can voluntarily commit. The issues were discussed by the Technical Director of Vinyl Plus, Stefan Eingärtner and Detlef Wolters, Head of Technical Services at Perlen Packaging.

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Food & Beverage

Interview with Dr.Matthais Henker of EuPIA

The upcoming revision of the Foodcontactmaterials legislation (expected in Q4 2022) is again an opportunity for EU legislation on printing inks for food contact materials. In this interview, Dr. Matthias Henker explains the approach at EuPIA on printing inks for food packaging and which bottlenecks should be avoided in future legislation.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can guide Sustainable Packaging Design

Environmental impact categories can include carbon/greenhouse gas emissions, water depletion, mineral consumption, land transformation, eutrophication, toxicity, and many more and can be undertaken through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
This assessment by Nerida Kelton looks holistically at environmental impacts of products, and associated packaging, from raw materials, to production, through to household, and then at end-of-life.

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rPET bottle food grade
Circular economy

Case for Improving Plastics Circularity in Asia

EcoBlue has been working to develop rPET grade suitable for food contact applications over the past few years. The company have received a Letter of No Objection from US FDA for rPET for food contact use. Being a part of the recycling industry over these years and also working on developing rPET grades suitable for food contact, has given EcoBlue a first-hand experience of the various elements at play in the recycling industry in the region.
Pranay Jain shares his insights with other stakeholders involved the pertinent factors that he feels have an influence on improving circularity of plastics in Asia.

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Luxury packaging box

Luxury packaging and retail predictions for 2021

As 2020 has comes to an end, Robert Lockyer, CEO and founder of Delta Global, a sustainable and innovative packaging solutions provider for luxury retail brands around the world, reflects and offers his view on what we can expect in the year to come.

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6 Trends on pharmaceutical packaging for 2021

6 Trends on pharmaceutical packaging for 2021

In 2020, all eyes were on the pharmaceutical industry as the race for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments began. With vaccines now being rolled out all over the globe, it’s time to look to the future and what 2021 could bring. The pharmaceutical packaging industry has been experiencing substantial growth for several years, and could exceed £84 billion by 2024. Thanks to new innovations and emerging treatments, there is room for further growth in this section of the pharma industry.
So, what does this year have in store for pharmaceutical packaging? Take a look at these 2021 trends in pharmaceutical packaging.

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Top 5 Packaging Trends In 2020

Throughout the last years we have seen the growth of global trade, urbanization and population growth, with an increased pressure on exports and imports as well as packaging for the safety of goods. A faster pace of life was translated into consumption “on the go” which, naturally, increased the need for food service packaging.

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7 ways packaging

7 ways packaging is changing to reduce plastic waste

Packaging generates the most plastic waste of any sector. Brands are investing in new ways to package their products. Alternatives to plastic include laser-etching vegetables and engineered cardboard. There’s also a growing emphasis on how containers can be reused and recycled.

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