In Conversation with Dr.A.K. Tyagi, Executive Director, Haldiram Group

In an exclusive conversation with Packaging360, Dr.A.K. Tyagi, Executive Director, Haldiram Group, unravels the journey of the snack food brand & addresses challenges overcome so far & the road map for the future

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Packaging360: Could you please explain the transformation process in India in the snack food sector & which are the products likely to experience high growth in the coming future?

Dr. A. K. Tyagi: Snack food industry has good future in next five years.   There are two categories in Snack Food Industry which are growing at a good rate i.e. Traditional Snacks – All Type of Namkeen such as Bhujia, Aloo Bhujia, Khatta Meetha Mixture, Navrattan, Punjabi Tadka, Salted Peanut, Nut Cracker, Corn Flakes, Moong Dal etc. and Western Snacks such as Potato Chips, Bridge and other extruded category.   However, Snack Food Industry has too much dependence on economic condition and commodity prices.   Our focus is on innovation in these products which ultimately leads to expansion of market.

Packaging360: Do you endorse the opinion that success of snack foods & namkeens is on account of the contribution of packaging materials & technology?

Dr.A.K.Tyagi: Snacks food was a household industry few decades back, every individual use to make food snacks in their homes, every Halwai was making snacks for selling in his community/ Town. The snacks food became a phenomenon after the advent of packaging which has given face to brands, shelf life and ensure quality is intact in the pack. Packaging and technology has made this industry from nothing to million dollar industry in few decades. In addition to packaging, there is great contribution of Technology which has been developed by Haldiram with the help of Suppliers in the last two decades which the make product hygienic with minimum human intervention.

Packaging360: Do you believe there will be an alternative to multilayer packaging, especially for snack foods & namkeens in India?

Dr.A.K.Tyagi: We, along with our suppliers, are working to develop alternate packaging solutions to Multilayer packaging which is recyclable.   However, development and trials are under process and results are awaited.

Packaging360: What are the challenges faced by the industry (both globally & in India) & what is the future roadmap for the snack foods packaging industry, with respect to demand-supply position & sustainability?

Dr.A.K.Tyagi: In Indian environment the industry has multiple challenges

  • Low capex
  • High competition
  • Local brands
  • High dependency on commodity prices and agricultural output
  • Price sensitive consumer

Looking at the vast population of the country and high disposable income now even at rural population the future of the industry is steady and has increasing trends


About Dr. A.K. Tyagi

“Dr. A.K. Tyagi is heading Haldiram Group of Companies as Executive Director since March 2014 and as Executive President since July, 2006.    He is responsible for all matters of the Company including Production, Sales & Marketing, R&D, Product Innovation, Finance, Diversification and expansion. He has directed the company’s global strategy for more than a decade and helped the Group to increase its market share through expansion / putting various green field projects, development of new innovative products and expanding network.  Under Dr. Tyagi’s leadership, the Company has grown 16 times over the past 16 years and established itself as a market leader in Salty Snacks with 32.6%market share and in Traditional Snacks with 47.8%  Market Share and a leading brand within FMCG Sector inspite of stiff competition from Multinational and Indian Companies.

He started his career in 1984 with Multinational Company Wimpy International (A Div. of United Biscuit Empire, UK).  Later on, he was associated with Uncle Chipps Company Ltd from 1988 to 2000 in different capacities including CEO and President of the Company.  In the year 2000, Dr. Tyagi joined Amrit Banaspati Company Ltd. as CEO.

Dr. Tyagi has received various Awards on behalf of the Company as well as at individual capacity in Uncle Chipps and Haldiram. Recently, he has received Food Industry Icon Life Time Achievement Award in India Food Forum, Business Leader of the Year Award from ET NOW and CEO of the Year Award from India Food Safety Summit.”



Dr. R. Rangaprasad, is currently Business Head, Packaging 360, a Mumbai based knowledge service provider vertical under Catalyzing New Technology (CNT) Expositions & Services LLP. Packaging 360 is a comprehensive knowledge sharing ecosystem for the Indian packaging industry (

Dr. R. Rangaprasad is a chemical technologist by training having earned his Ph.D. (Tech) degree from UDCT (now ICT) in 1992.

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