Amita Jain

I'm an Industrial Designer with a specialization in Structural Packaging Design and Research.

Over the past 9 years, I have had the opportunity to work with multiple renowned brands, startups and have also collaborated with independent brands to conceptualize, mentor and implement innovative design strategies for their packaging.

As I am venturing into the packaging subject deeper and interacting with multiple stakeholders from concept to execution, I am learning to work on simple approaches and devising tools based on logical thinking which can make the design process enriching.

Biomimicry Holds Stronger Roots In Packaging

Biomimicry Holds Stronger Roots in Packaging

We have been practicing biomimicry to get inspired by nature for packaging solutions and this has made the packaging industry more sustainable as the ecosystem. Derived from the Latin bios meaning organic life, and mimesis meaning to imitate, biomimicry is the study of gaining design inspiration from natural processes to solve human problems.


Strong Foundation for Designing Cloud Kitchen Packaging

Cloud kitchens have been sprouting rapidly, this opens up opportunities for designing innovative packaging for the faced-paced kitchen model. As cloud kitchens work on online delivery without any physical store presence, Packaging becomes one of the most crucial and foremost brand touchpoints for restaurants to connect with consumers.


D2C Channel Gearing Up For E-Com Packaging Solutions

In the last few years, midsize to very large companies are gearing up for a new channel to sell products directly to consumers(D2C) on their e-com platform. With the recent pandemic, brand owners have become alert and want to explore the option of launching & selling products on their site. Many companies already have distribution channels with e-com marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Hence, the packaging is taken care of by a third party most of the time. Then, why a sudden demand for an e-com packaging solution for D2C channel?

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