February 2020

Arla and UPM

Almost every third Finnish family is recycling more thanks to children – Arla and UPM launch a new game to encourage recycling

Children’s interest in recycling plays a big role in the degree to which families recycle their household waste, a new survey by Arla Finland and UPM finds. Nearly every third Finnish family has increased recycling thanks to children. Kierrätyskamut (Recycling Buddies), the new augmented reality game for kids from Arla and UPM, seeks to encourage families to increase their recycling efforts.

Infant Formula

Infant Formula Packaging that Promotes Product Safety

Youcui organic infant formula – with its dual-color lid and non-detachable tamper-evidence by Aptar – has set a model in the market, and drawn the attention of renowned dairy enterprises. The first of its kind for Aptar, this solution is leading the way for further innovations in the infant nutrition category.


The plastic industry paving the way for rebound

As the leading industry trade show CHINAPLAS was confirmed to be rescheduled to early August, many of the exhibitors are already planning to strengthen their presence at the upcoming show.

The official media of CHINAPLAS, CPRJ, has recently released the news about the resumption of operations and some exhibitors’ responses

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