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SIG India Announces Wide Range of Sustainable and Recyclable Paper Straws in Three Utilitarian Formats to Reduce Plastic Waste

SIG, a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic carton packaging, has announced the launch of a wide range of recyclable paper straws with a variety of dimensions, shapes, and utilities. As a potential solution to the massive environmental damage caused by plastic straws, and in line with the Plastic ban in India, SIG’s paper straws offer the best biodegradable non-plastic alternative, focused on both functionality and sustainability. 

Gerresheimer Ramps up Glass and Plastic Production Capacities in India

The packaging group has opened a new plant producing plastic containers and closures at its Kosamba manufacturing site.

It has also invested “in new furnaces at its molded glass plant at that location, installing a Type I Borosilicate melting furnace for flint and amber glass production using cross-fired oxygen technology and an increased portion of electric heating to melt its Barium free type I glass formulation.

Neopac Introduces “Eco-Stripped” Tube with 30% Less Plastics, Including Slimmed-Down Shoulder & Cap

Oberdiessbach, Switzerland –Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for pharma, beauty and oral care, has “capped off” its commitment to reducing plastics in its tube designs. The company has introduced Eco-Stripped Tube, which combines a significantly reduced sleeve wall thickness with a comparable materials reduction in the shoulder and cap. The result is a 30% reduction in overall virgin materials without sacrificing product protection, haptics or esthetics.

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