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Packaging 360

Datwyler extends its strategic partnership with Nespresso.

Datwyler has extended its strategic partnership with Nespresso and has signed a new multi-year contract until 2030. The new contract covers capsules and seals production for portioned coffee product lines and envisages continuous volume and revenue growth. By combining its core competencies and focusing on sustainability, Datwyler generates added value for the world’s leading companies in a variety of industries.

Digital printing solution

Digital printing solution meets need for agile pharmaceutical serialization

Over the last couple of years serialization at pack level has become a global requirement in the pharmaceutical industry,” says Craig Stobie, director of global sector development at Domino. “In the future, it is likely that serialization of individual pockets of a blister pack will become the new standard, in order to further enhance patient safety and reduce medical errors.”

thermochromic inks

Thermochromic ink indicates sterilization temperature on cans

With food safety now the paramount concern amongst consumers, Markem-Imaje which provides a range of product identification and traceability solutions, has launched a new thermochromic ink that changes colour at high temperatures to show the correct sterilization level has been achieved for all packaged food products.

Mono-material M&M’s

Mars Wrigley France Launches Mono-material M&M’s® Pouch

The new pouch is designed to be recyclable, according to the existing local packaging waste collection and sorting system – and is only made of one type of plastic resin (polyethylene). Previous multi-layer packaging included both polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). By simplifying the design and structure of our flexible packaging formats we are significantly improving their chances to be recycled, while guaranteeing the same standards of quality and food safety for our consumers.

Refill packaging


Shoppers at a branch of Asda in Leeds can now top up their supplies of Quaker Oats from refill dispensers. Taking part in this trial will help us gain a better understanding of how consumers respond to reusable packaging solutions and work towards building a world without waste.

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