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ThermoFibre partners with PulPac – Brings Dry Molded Fiber Products to market

The shift from single-use plastics continues as ThermoFibre joins the PulPac eco-system as the next licensee to expand its offer with Dry Molded Fiber products. In connection with becoming a licensee, ThermoFibre ordered the PulPac Modula, a Dry Molded Fiber production line that will be installed in the company’s facility in Lincolnshire, UK, next year. Primary first applications will be high-volume products such as food trays, lids, cutlery and the like.

Amcor Exxon Mobil Collaboration

Amcor Drives Progress on Advanced Recycling Materials for Food and Healthcare Markets

Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, has today announced a five-year deal with ExxonMobil to purchase certified-circular polyethylene material in support of its target to achieve 30% recycled material across its portfolio by 2030. The volume of material will increase incrementally each year, and is expected to reach 100,000 metric tons annually at the end of the five-year period.

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