February 2022

Ball Beverage Packaging India Welcomes FSSAI Move To Permit Non-Transparent Packaging Substrates For Packaged Water

Ball Beverage Packaging India, a leading producer of infinitely recyclable aluminum beverage cans, welcomed the move by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) to pave the way for packaging drinking water in the non- transparent packaging solutions like Aluminum Beverage Cans. This will not only address issues on the sustainability front and contribute to the Government’s initiative to regulate single use plastics but also provide the end consumer an eco-friendly alternative.

Great Team Effort in Challenging Times

Nahar Poly Films Ltd. from India is an experienced film supplier with expertise in the production of specialty BOPP films. Now they have increased their production capabilities with an 8.7m 5-layer BOPP line from Brückner
Maschinenbau. This line has recently been successfully commissioned. It is already the second Brückner line at
Nahar Poly Films.

PAPER Bubble application

Paperbubble® Paper Sheets Are An Innovative And Eco-friendly Substitute For Traditional Bubble Cushioning.

Businesses today have undergone a paradigm shift. Offline to online… Limited options to unlimited options. Careless thinking to a sustainability thought process. We are trying to see how and where we can put in efforts to improve the alignment of everything to a circular economy. In one such effort, Storopack, a company with 150-year-old experience in protective packaging, brings an innovative product.

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