September 2020

Super Grains

Retort Sterilization for Safe & Hygienic Food

Retort sterilization, also known as canning, is a well established thermal process for in package sterilization of low acid food products. Retort machine is a pressure vessel used to commercially sterilize food after it has been packed into a container and the container has been hermetically sealed. The method of sterilization is a thermal based process or the application of high heat to the product. The high temperature in the sterilization process destroys pathogenic organisms that may be present in the food product.


Total Corbion PLA announces the first world-scale PLA plant in Europe

Total Corbion PLA, a 50/50 joint venture between Total and Corbion, announces its intention to build its second PLA plant with a capacity ramping up to 100,000 tons per annum. This expansion would make Total Corbion PLA the global market leader in PLA, firmly positioned to cater for the rapidly growing demand for Luminy® PLA resins. The new plant is planned to be located on a Total site in Grandpuits, France and to be operational in 2024.


Measuring Scrap Rates Does Not Have To Be Rocket Science

Just like downtime, scrap rates are also a nightmare for every factory, especially in the packaging industry. Even though they can vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer, if we take a look to in-line production facilities, scrap rates of 15-25% are seen as normal. All of this means that, for every 4 hours of production, the company is throwing away material, energy and equipment time.


HP Introduces Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Production Solution

New HP Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution delivers lighter, faster, more durable and easier to use tools, and more innovative packaging designs;

End-to-end service accelerates time to production tooling, increases efficiencies, reduces maintenance costs and enables mass customization;

Industry partners Pulp Moulding Dies Inc. (PMD) and Veritiv enable innovative packaging for food & beverage, consumer electronics, and industrial markets;

Initial customers include leading molded fiber manufacturers Fiber Innovation, Pacific Pulp, Pulp Moulded Products, and Western Pulp Products Company


Sabic Launches Innovative TF-BOPE Film For Frozen Food Packaging

SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, has launched a sustainable packaging solution for frozen food which combines a new polyethylene (PE) grade with innovative film production technology. Compared to conventional blow PE film solutions, it offers significantly higher throughput and also has potential for down-gauging, making it attractive from both a commercial and sustainability standpoint.


Stora Enso invests in Forshaga to develop sustainable barrier solutions

Stora Enso Forshaga manufactures and develops barrier solutions that are required in certain packaging, for instance to protect against liquid, moisture, oxygen or fat. Liquid packaging, beverage cups and certain food packaging are some of the products that have a barrier which serves to protect the packaged product, while also ensuring that the packaging maintains its user-qualities. The investment in new dispersion technology aims to achieve the desired barrier properties in a more sustainable way.

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