Vivek Chougule

Vivek Chougule is the Managing Director, Eka Pak Global India

Vivek brings with him 20 years of advanced food packaging and processing technology experience to the job. He has significant commercial know-how in the areas of innovative packaging technologies as well as thermal & non-thermal food processing. The main focus of his work has been in the area of shelf-life extension for a broad range of products.

Vivek worked with Printpack for 13 years, in the US for the first six then in Asia where he accumulated expertise and insights into strategic collaborations, new technologies, market research and production. In his current role at Eka Global, he is responsible for developing new applications and commercializing new technologies for the Asia market.

Vivek obtained his MBA from the College of William & Mary (USA) and holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering & Packaging Science from Clemson University (USA).

Super Grains

Retort Sterilization for Safe & Hygienic Food

Retort sterilization, also known as canning, is a well established thermal process for in package sterilization of low acid food products. Retort machine is a pressure vessel used to commercially sterilize food after it has been packed into a container and the container has been hermetically sealed. The method of sterilization is a thermal based process or the application of high heat to the product. The high temperature in the sterilization process destroys pathogenic organisms that may be present in the food product.

Atmospheric Packaging

Growing Opportunities With Modified Atmospheric Packaging

Modified atmospheric packaging technology is a well-established and gaining its importance day by day in food industry. Although packaging serves multiple functions, the most important purpose it should serve is ‘Extending the shelf life of food’. Food wastage is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and also risks food security. Eka Global’s high barrier Longevity Packaging plays a vital role in protecting & preventing the food from getting spoiled. Appropriate food processing and our packaging technology together can be used for extending shelf life of various food products.

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