Month: January 2021

consumer behaviour

Global consumers’ attitudes toward sustainable packaging

Sustainability remains a key topic for the packaging value chain, but there are few (if any) insights into consumer perceptions globally—especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is also influencing consumer sentiment and behavior. To better understand this influence, Mckinsey launched a survey across ten countries to explore consumers’ attitudes toward sustainable packaging, building on an earlier work focusing on consumer sentiment in the United States.

packaging materials for food contain

Packaging materials for food contain highly toxic chemicals

The agency tested over 60 different paper and cardboard-based packaging materials, and besides the already mentioned items above, the test included bags for french fries and popcorn, muffin wrappings, packaging for several cereal-based food items for kids, straws, plates, cookie wrappings and more. And the test results are quite astonishing.

E Bottle packaging

Smurfit Kappa unveils innovative new packaging portfolio

The new portfolio includes a variety of sustainable solutions for single and multi-pack products, including the Rollor bottle pack, BiPack, and Pop-up insert. The surge in e-commerce due to the Covid-19 pandemic is evident across all sectors and the beverage market has also seen a significant impact.

RFID to identify perishable food

Software uses RFID to identify perishable food before it expires

Food producers and retailers are piloting a solution from Detego that utilizes RFID technology to gain insight into when fresh and perishable foods were packaged, shipped and sold. The aim is to reduce food waste and ensure an efficient supply chain and accurate shelf inventory levels, as well as enable faster and efficient recalls, according to a recent report in RFID Journal.

6 Trends on pharmaceutical packaging for 2021

6 Trends on pharmaceutical packaging for 2021

In 2020, all eyes were on the pharmaceutical industry as the race for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments began. With vaccines now being rolled out all over the globe, it’s time to look to the future and what 2021 could bring. The pharmaceutical packaging industry has been experiencing substantial growth for several years, and could exceed £84 billion by 2024. Thanks to new innovations and emerging treatments, there is room for further growth in this section of the pharma industry.
So, what does this year have in store for pharmaceutical packaging? Take a look at these 2021 trends in pharmaceutical packaging.

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