Month: January 2021

HolyGrail of Plastic Recycling

P&G Searches for the HolyGrail of Plastic Recycling

Some of the world’s largest consumer goods businesses—also some of the most significant plastic users—have joined forces to tackle this problem. Led by Procter and Gamble (P&G), the HolyGrail 2.0 project aims to increase plastic recycling rates by adding invisible digital watermarks to product packaging.

coffee packaging

Improve Shelf Life, Taste and Aroma of your Coffee

A coffee consumer’s overall experience is influenced by many aspects of the coffee production process. Starting with high quality raw green coffee beans, factors such as storage conditions, roasting, grinding, packaging, transportation, and finally brewing, all influence the consumer’s experience. But there are also other important influences, like social, cultural, psychological and situational factors. 

Circular economy

Circular Economy

A circular economy involves taking a new approach to print – by using materials that can be easily recycled, packaging that can be composted, and by using printers and machinery with low or no carbon footprint.

consumer behaviour

Global consumers’ attitudes toward sustainable packaging

Sustainability remains a key topic for the packaging value chain, but there are few (if any) insights into consumer perceptions globally—especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is also influencing consumer sentiment and behavior. To better understand this influence, Mckinsey launched a survey across ten countries to explore consumers’ attitudes toward sustainable packaging, building on an earlier work focusing on consumer sentiment in the United States.

packaging materials for food contain

Packaging materials for food contain highly toxic chemicals

The agency tested over 60 different paper and cardboard-based packaging materials, and besides the already mentioned items above, the test included bags for french fries and popcorn, muffin wrappings, packaging for several cereal-based food items for kids, straws, plates, cookie wrappings and more. And the test results are quite astonishing.