7 ways packaging

7 ways packaging is changing to reduce plastic waste

Packaging generates the most plastic waste of any sector. Brands are investing in new ways to package their products. Alternatives to plastic include laser-etching vegetables and engineered cardboard. There’s also a growing emphasis on how containers can be reused and recycled.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Keeps It Coming.

Like any change, no matter how necessary or good it may be, it carries risks. Transparency is key, prices and availability can not be hidden. What sounds unsteady could become the next generation of your business. The services cost money, and if you can offer these kinds of services, why don’t you take a better slice? We remember a company selling books without ever owning them. This story is also possible in packaging.

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How flexible packaging saved human life during Covid-19 in India

This paper explains how flexible packaging helps to feed the people during the lockdown in India. Flexible packaging, typically known as multilayer packaging due to use of different layers of polymeric films and laminate them to perform as a single layer. Due to use of different family polymers, it turns out to be difficult to reuse and recycle. Increased consumption and control the waste of used pouches is a major challenge in India. So, many organizations and NGOs are demanding to ban the use of plastic in multilayer packaging. But, as explained in the perspective article, how multilayer packaging is contributing to save the society as well migrants and human life during lockdown in India and feed the migrants during Covid-19 situation but leaving challenge for collection and recycling.

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Kiwi Packaging

How Packaging Defined Success for Kiwi in India

Zespri International— world’s largest marketer of kiwi fruit states that India is the strongest emergent market for kiwis adding that among all exotic fruits, Kiwi has witnessed the fastest growth, with a compound annual growth rate of 80-100%. Therefore, packaging for higher quantities of kiwi emerged and became a significant factor in its consumption growth.

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Package Testing Technologies

Advances In Package Testing Technologies For E commerce & Logistics Business – Post Webinar Report

Packaging 360 organized a webinar on 8th October to focus on the technology aspects of recent advances made in the field of package testing through simulation & optimization for packaging transported through carious modes like air, sea & road. Another highlight of the webinar was an analysis & case study presentation from a leading logistics solution provider.

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