UPM Specialty Papers presents UPM Asendo Pro – a multifunctional, fibre-based packaging solution

UPM Specialty Papers Asendo Pro

UPM Specialty Papers is strengthening its already comprehensive selection of sustainable and recyclable packaging papers. Known for its high expertise in technically demanding papers, UPM Specialty Papers now introduces an advanced fibre-based barrier paper – UPM AsendoTM Pro.

The latest example of cutting-edge packaging solutions is UPM Asendo Pro – a barrier paper made from renewable materials. UPM Asendo Pro is a two-side coated paper that provides multiple advantages as an easily recyclable monomaterial. UPM Asendo Pro’s print side provides an excellent basis for high-quality visuals. Also, in addition to advanced grease resistance and good moisture resistance, its mineral oil barrier properties keep products safe.

  • UPM Specialty Paper presents Asendo Pro

“We provide sustainable premium quality products to replace conventional plastic packaging and increase the share of renewable packaging solutions. UPM Asendo Pro is a cost-effective, durable and safe-to-use recyclable barrier paper that supports even demanding packaging requirements, helps companies reach their sustainability goals and matches regulatory demands,” says Tommi Heinonen, Head of Sales EMEA, UPM Specialty Papers.

UPM Asendo Pro is suitable for dry, greasy and frozen foods as well as wrappings where excellent print properties are vital. End-use purposes vary from non-food wrapping to food end-uses and can be easily further converted for additional barrier properties and sealability to open up even more demanding end-uses.

Added value through the whole packaging network via co-creation
UPM Asendo Pro is the result of a market and end-use-driven holistic process. UPM has collaborated with an extensive number of stakeholders to test the performance and different qualities of the product. Over the development period of the innovative barrier paper, UPM worked closely with converters, packaging line manufacturers and brand owners to test the product’s features and to receive input and feedback. The collaborative development process also included optimization of the product’s appealing print performance.

“Collaboration is at the heart of UPM and has also been a key element during this process. The feedback we received from our co-operative partners when developing this new barrier paper was extremely valuable. UPM Asendo Pro is specifically created together with our partners and customers. By listening closely to their wishes and aiming to answer their needs – both functionally and visually – we bring added value to the entire value chain and offer a competitive edge”, says Janne Varvemaa, Director, Products and Technology, UPM Specialty Papers.

At UPM Specialty Papers, the push towards a world beyond fossils drives the innovation of better performing, fibre-based packaging solutions. Through co-creation and development this impacts the entire packaging value network and offers a huge opportunity for everyone involved. UPM Asendo Pro aims to open the door to even more demanding applications and new end-uses.

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