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Eco-Envelopes by Botta Packaging

Botta Packaging has conceived a new innovative and sustainable packaging solution, the Eco-Envelopes, to substitute the currently used plastic air bubble bags with grocery home deliveries. During these unprecedented times in this global pandemic and higher use of single-use plastic, Eco-envelope serves as a more sustainable alternative.

This concept of a paper-lined padding interior was born to replace the useful but not so eco-friendly bubble wrap bags.

Eco-Envelopes consist of two layers, the inner layer corresponds to a bubble wrap protectiveness and is a cushioning material made of corrugated paper that can secure the same level of durability and rigidity as before for safer delivery of fragile items.

Eco-envelopes’ unique paper-based composition is circular by nature and provides a better alternative for pre-existing bubble wraps and the use of only paper not only makes these envelopes 100% paper recyclable but also reduces the hassle of separation of packaging individually for the consumers.

Given the climatic state of today’s world, Eco-Envelopes fit right into the market. In fact, they stand up to the rigor of the e-commerce channel, providing benefits such as breakage and safety advantages, easy handling and opening, space reduction thanks to its male/female corrugated paper structure, and therefore reduced freight costs and transports. From a commercial perspective, Eco-Envelopes have also been chosen by a reputable Italian supermarket chain, Esselunga, to substitute bubble wrap packaging for their online shopping deliveries, thus innovating the online deliveries realm.

On a societal level, the Eco-Envelope plays a role in the process of sustainable packaging evolution. Paper-based combined with its unique attributes, Eco-Envelopes show how the “reduce, reuse, recycle” goal can be realized. Standing as an innovative and eco-friendly packaging option, Eco-Envelopes help customers and businesses to achieve their commitments to sustainability and are a significant move in the battle of tackling plastic waste.

Botta Packaging is a family company, based in Trezzano Sul Naviglio (Milan) Italy, it has been producing corrugated cardboard packaging for over 70 years.

The company was founded in 1947 by Ms. Alfonsina Botta, then passed on to her son Floriano who is now supported by his sons: Flavio and Lara.  Chamber of Commerce License Becoming part of the Group Ondulati Maranello in 2007, Botta Packaging now has two corrugators available and 10 production lines distributed in numerous locations in Central / Northern Italy to produce any type of corrugated cardboard packaging. This partnership is an indication of constant attention to market needs and a desire for growth with a view to improving the service offered which, thanks to this new alliance, can now be defined at 360 degrees, from paper production to packaging. The company represents the right combination of tradition and innovation, thanks to the know-how and experience accumulated in many years of activity and technological innovations introduced in the recent years.

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