Aptar Food + Beverage Introduces PolkaLite™ Closure paired with SimpliCycle™ Valve Technology

PolkaLite by Aptar

The new Solution is a 2-in-1 Dispensing System that Delivers Maximum Performance, Convenience and Recyclability

Aptar Food + Beverage leveraged the benefits of two high-performance products, PolkaLite, a lighter version of the Polka closure (-1.3g), and the award-winning SimpliCycle recyclable valve to bring to manufacturers and consumers the highest levels of performance, convenience and sustainability in a closure that is reliable throughout the product life cycle.

Achieve sustainable targets
PolkaLite is a recyclable closure designed to use less raw materials. It not only helps brands in complying with packaging regulations and potentially achieve eco-taxes reduction, but it also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers who are committed to using products that are recyclable.

PolkaLite, when paired with SimpliCycle, is a dispensing solution that is recyclable at the end of use, without compromising on performance. SimpliCycle, recently awarded the Best CSR/Sustainability Initiative at the World Food Innovation Awards ceremony in March 2021, is easily separated from the PET recycling stream and has the ability of being recycled with both PE and PP.

No compromise on performance
PolkaLite is designed to provide enhanced capping performance thanks to its optimum thread profile and the durable outer shape with less conicity.

Consumers also benefit from a robust hinge and upgraded finger recess for a smoother grip plus the domed body deck and lower spout to avoid self-opening.

The SimpliCycle valve size (.500”) allows usage for chunks and thicker sauces, pastes and other ingredients. When used with acid-, oil- and fat-based products, the slitting of the valve remains consistent, making it ready-to-use in inverted dispensing systems, and reducing risk of leakage.

PolkaLite Bottle

Convenience for manufacturers and consumers
This ready-to-use solution is easy to deploy for manufacturers. By fitting different food products, even with chunks or with high level of viscosities, PolkaLite combined with SimpliCycle is easy to scale and supports manufacturer expansion in an e-commerce environment*.

Besides easy-to-open and close, this 2-in-1 solution also allows consumers to dispense precise doses of products time after time. A clean cut-off and tight valve minimizes stringing, spurts and drops. In addition, a smooth and straight flow reduces the chance of leaks; altogether, providing a much more hygienic and pleasant experience.

PolkaLite and SimpliCycle, a 2-in-1 solution with added value for a superior and recyclable closure choice

*Liner is not recyclable

**Final package needs to pass ISTA-6 protocol to comply

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