A global supplier of label materials for branding and promotion, information and functional labeling. Sustainability is at the core of the Company’s business.

Wash-off Adhesives for Labels

Our wash-off adhesives stick permanently to a wide variety of surfaces and remove cleanly once their life cycles are complete. They enable easy recirculation of plastic and metal crates, boxes, pallets, kegs and other multi-use containers.

UPM Raflatac Ocean Action

The ocean plastic crisis is real. It requires consumers’, brands’, and humanity’s attention. Today, only around 10% of plastic waste gets recycled globally, while the rest ends up in landfills, incineration, or leaks to nature or oceans*. The world desperately needs more ways to reuse post-consumer plastic waste.

UPM Guide Sustainable Labelling

A Guide to Sustainable Labelling

UPM aim to find solutions that replace oil-based and other non-renewable materials with renewable alternatives, offering products and services that drive the circular economy and help companies to move beyond their sustainability targets.

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