UPM Raflatac Ocean Action

Your label choice has the power to fight back ocean bound plastic pollution.

The ocean plastic crisis is real. It requires consumers’, brands’, and humanity’s attention. Today, only around 10% of plastic waste gets recycled globally, while the rest ends up in landfills, incineration, or leaks to nature or oceans*. The world desperately needs more ways to reuse post-consumer plastic waste.

Our solution is Ocean Action label, made from ocean bound plastic through mass balance approach.

Your packaging label can help stop the ocean bound plastic leak at the source

Ocean bound plastic is plastic waste defined as “at risk of ending up in the ocean,” and it is estimated to generate 80% of plastic marine litter*. UPM Raflatac is the first company to offer a product that uses ocean bound plastic as a label material, with an aim to create a demand for reclaiming plastic waste before it pollutes our oceans. The Ocean Action label, made from ocean bound plastic, is available in white and clear ISCC PLUS certified C-PCR film (mass balance approach).

With the ocean covering roughly 71 percent of Earth’s surface, protecting the ocean plays a crucial role in protecting all ecosystems, nature, and the entire planet.

By choosing the Ocean Action label, your product can be part of the solution for saving our oceans. Take action for planet ocean. Be the changemaker. Stop the leak.

What is ocean bound plastic?

Ocean bound plastic is abandoned plastic waste of all sizes located within 50km from shore in communities or areas where waste management is inexistent or very inefficient. Plastic waste is not collected correctly and abandoned in the environment from where it can be transported to the ocean by rain, wind, tides, river flow, or floods. Ocean bound plastic is waste that would otherwise damage the ocean, harm sea life, and even eventually end up on our plates through marine food chains.


Why choose the Ocean Action label, made from ocean bound plastic waste?

  • Due to chemical recycling, it has identical properties to standard PP film.
  • The label is an effortless drop-in solution, requiring no additional process adjustments.
  • Suitable for demanding applications, such as food and cosmetics
  • Allows brands to have a higher percentage of recycled material in their packaging while avoiding the use of virgin fossil raw materials.
  • A valuable action towards clearing ocean pollution by reducing ocean bound plastic waste.
  • The Ocean bound plastic label is offered as White and Clear Top Coated PP films.
  • The label is ISCC certified using the mass balance approach.


Ocean bound plastic labels are made of chemically recycled plastic. Chemical recycling enables the recycling of poor-quality plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills. It is a valuable process for giving plastic waste a new life, with qualities identical to virgin plastic.

Collaboration for circularity

Collaboration across the value chain is possibly the single most important action that can make a circular economy a reality. With the help of tools such as the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI), developed jointly by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design, it’s possible to demonstrate that with the help of this label, your packaging has the potential to close the loop.

Collaborative innovations such as this pave the way for a cleaner, more livable planet.



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