Wash-off Adhesives for Labels

Our wash-off adhesives stick permanently to a wide variety of surfaces and remove cleanly once their life cycles are complete. They enable easy recirculation of plastic and metal crates, boxes, pallets, kegs and other multi-use containers.

More effective, more efficient processing

The process of rotating, relabeling and reusing containers is made much simpler with a label that washes off with ease and leaves surfaces residue-free. We pair water-washable adhesives with selected label faces to cover countless rotational application needs. Wash-off adhesives also help to support the circular economy by enabling plastic labels to float off when washed, supporting the recycling process and facilitating the reuse of plastic containers. If you’re looking for a wash-off label solution that exceeds expectations then we’ve got the solution for you.

Wash-off without contamination

Our wash-off adhesive, such as RW85C and RW65C, are able to undergo common PET recycling processes without contaminating any of the PET flake by-products. During the washing process, the polypropylene labels float, while the denser PET flakes sink, allowing more of these valuable flakes to be recovered without contamination and converted into new PET packaging materials that reduce waste and improve the plastic recycling process.

Dissolvable and hassle-free

Our dissolvable products are a combination of face, adhesive and backing, optimized to disappear quickly and completely during wash-off. The label paper is starch-based; without wood fiber to hold it together and so it vanishes without a trace. No face or adhesive residue is left behind, so drains are never clogged, and containers can be rotated quickly and efficiently.



Wash-off adhesives for logistics

Make rotating, relabeling and reusing containers as fluent as possible, with a label that washes off with ease and leaves surfaces residue-free. Match label materials with specialized wash-off adhesives for logistics to ensure your containers are sent back into circulation over and again, with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Browse our product selector to find more detailed technical information about RP 45 for standard retail and logistics applications or RP 45 LW for challenging logistics uses and demanding environments.

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Not a printer? Our face materials, adhesives and liners are selected to match your brand’s labeling needs before being assembled into label products. Talk to our experts to receive tailored advice on the right combination of label materials for you. We can also help by recommending these materials to your printer.



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