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The company is a total solutions provider to the label industry representing global brands supplying high-end Label presses, Inspection Systems, Allied converting equipment, Tooling, etc. Weldon also does custom coating and converting, produce Silicone Release, Papers A4 inkjet/laser label materials, Tamper Evident Label Materials and specialty tapes as a part of their manufacturing program.

Digital Label Printing in India; Growth Trends and Experiences

Label printing technologies have undergone a sea change after the onset of 21st century. In the beginning of new millennium, the flatbed and letterpress processes made way for the narrow web flexographic printing which eventually grew to become the most preferred print technology for labels. With technological advances in prepress and plate-making process, Flexo print quality …

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Divergent Labeling Technologies

Various dictionaries or even Wikipedia describe label as a piece of paper, plastic or another substrate affixed to a product giving information about it. The label has now attained a broader perspective. It has become the bridge between the end user and the producer. It can be embellished such that it becomes the sales enhancer, reaching out and tempting the end users to lift it off the shelf. It also has features that communicate with the cashiers in retail, the finance persons for accounting, the logistics department, the purchase department to fix reorder levels, facilitate ecommerce and much more.

Dettol Labels used to salute "Covid Warriors"!

Dettol Labels Used to Salute “Covid Warriors”!

Never in our lifetime, the world has witnessed such a calamity as that caused by the pandemic, due to the lethal corona virus. Its reach has been unlimited and spread across almost all geographical regions of earth causing severe devastation, such that millions of people have got impacted, many have succumbed to the disease. Governments in most countries had no alternative but to declare lockdowns to stem the progress of this deadly virus and save precious lives of their citizens.

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