Month: December 2020

Furniture Supply Chain Packaging Challenges are Much More Gruelling Than Imagined. Here’s How Top Companies Are Overcoming It

One of the key problems facing the sector today are related to supply chain, logistics & packaging.

While there is little that can be done about the logistics aspect, especially when it comes to furniture exports since they are largely dictated by trends in global trade, packaging becomes a key differentiating factor between different companies.

Refill packaging


Shoppers at a branch of Asda in Leeds can now top up their supplies of Quaker Oats from refill dispensers. Taking part in this trial will help us gain a better understanding of how consumers respond to reusable packaging solutions and work towards building a world without waste.

ITC Paperboards

ITC Paperboards to foray into speciality papers

ITC has come up with a range of products called Filopack, Fuilobev, and Filoserve with water, oil, and grease resistant properties meant for food and beverage packaging, keeping in mind that Indian cuisine has a greater oil and grease content than most others. It has also come up with paper bowls-branded Indobowl- that can replace plastic containers.

Rice packaging

Mars Food and Amcor Announce Industry First Move to Launch a Recyclable Microwavable Rice Pouch

Mars Food, in partnership with global packaging company Amcor, will bring the first food-safe, mono-material microwavable rice pouch to market in 2021
Breakthrough packaging technology will make the pouches for Mars Food’s household brands such as Ben’s Original® and Seeds of Change® recyclable where infrastructure exists
The companies are in the final stages of development of the new pouch and the first packs will launch in limited European markets by mid-year 2021

Optimal Packaging

Packaging Optimization & Its Benefits

Optimization of packaging at levels of packaging is an important exercise that needs to be undertaken to ensure best utilization of resources including materials & energy.

In this review, we take a look of some of the key elements which go into the design of optimized packaging.


Top 5 Packaging Trends In 2020

Throughout the last years we have seen the growth of global trade, urbanization and population growth, with an increased pressure on exports and imports as well as packaging for the safety of goods. A faster pace of life was translated into consumption “on the go” which, naturally, increased the need for food service packaging.

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