Performance and Potential Applications for G-FP Paper Additive




G-FP is a cross linking polymer dosed in the process of paper making. The fundamental performance objective of G-FP is to cross link multiple small fibres into a longer fibre, thus mimic the virgin fibre performance from the domestic sourced short fibre based OCCs.

This white paper authored by Praveen Gorakavi & Dr.Meghana Reddy Jale of The Phi Factory, evaluates the additives needed to develop paper based packaging to contain hydrophilic materials such as detergents.




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Praveen Kumar Gorakavi (born May 24, 1989) is an Indian Scientist / Inventor, well recognised as a polymath and former child prodigy for his works in various fields of Science and Engineering since his early childhood. Praveen has a track record of commercialising 28 technologies in collaboration with various government departments, multi-national companies including 7 from Fortune500.

According to some estimates, Praveen’s works (with FMCG companies) reach nearly 1 million people across 5 continents everyday.

Praveen Gorakavi is well renowned for his multi-disciplinary contributions & low-cost innovations. He has developed Low-cost Artificial Limb for physically challenged at the age of 13, low-cost water purifier at the age of 19; world’s low cost Braille Typewriter; food preservation equipment; Rocket propellant from Paraffin; catalyst to produce lignocellulosic ethanol (biofuel); to name a few.

Several prestigious scientific & industrial organisations, governments, social organisations have bestowed Praveen with awards. This includes the Presidential Award, National Medal, Forbes 30 Under 30 (2019) and Ugadi Puraskaram (State’s Highest civilian award). Praveen Gorakavi is currently serving The Phi Factory as a Co-Founder & Partner at The Phi Factory, managing client, investor and vendor relations; and leading the R&D of TPF.

Dr. Meghana Jale (born September 26, 1994) is a Medical Scientist, renowned amongst the peers for developing one of the world’s first ‘non-invasive internal fixation device’. This orthopaedic surgical instrument is expected to be introduced into the market by 2022, subject to satisfactory clinical trials, for neurosurgical applications (spinal restorations) in phase 1.

After completing her Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery, with a Gold Medal from Gandhi Medical College, Dr. Meghana started pursuing research as career. Starting from her contribution to the World’s Low-Cost Mechanical Braille Typewriter (developed in collaboration with Paul Polman, CEO Unilever; Infosys; Praveen Gorakavi & Kilimanjaro Blind Trust), Dr.Meghana has developed a number of technologies that were successfully commercialised in collaborations with several multi-national companies.

Dr. Meghana conceived the idea of incorporating a ‘technology outsourcing company’ for the Indian SMEs, and hence contribute to the technological upliftment of the MSME sector. The Phi Factory is so established in 2018 !

Dr. Meghana currently serves The Phi Factory as the Co-Founder & CEO, manages the general operations, strategic collaborations and partnerships.

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