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Shoppers at a branch of Asda in Leeds can now top up their supplies of Quaker Oats from refill dispensers. Taking part in this trial will help us gain a better understanding of how consumers respond to reusable packaging solutions and work towards building a world without waste.

The new eco-friendly store in Middleton contains 15 huge refill stations, with Quaker Oats one of more than 30 household staples now available to buy. As well as cereal, the refill points also offer shampoo, fresh coffee, detergent, pasta and much more.

All shoppers need to do is bring their own reusable container, top it up, and pay for their customised amount.

Asda CEO Roger Burnley described the new store as an important milestone to tackle packaging waste.

“We have always known that we couldn’t go on this journey alone, so it is fantastic to work in tandem with more than 20 of our partners and suppliers, who have answered the call to test innovative sustainable solutions with us,” he said.

“Taking part in this trial is an important step forward on our mission to reduce packaging waste. It’s great to see our customers and peers join forces to help trial a zero packaging option and the reaction so far has been fantastic.” Angela White General Manager Nutrition

Plants and flowers plus 53 lines of fresh produce sold at the Middleton store are either free from wrapping, or wrapped in paper. Canned multipacks are also sold without plastic wrapping.

The store also providing recycling facilities for items including crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, plastic toys, cosmetics containers and toothpaste tubes.


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