Dr Sameer Joshi

Sameer Joshi holds a degree in Polymer engineering, along with holding a Ph.D. in Waste Management. He has been working in plastics waste management and has been supporting young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to reducing plastic pollution. He has his own plastic moulding unit in Pune. He is a Fellow of the Indian Plastics Institute and of Indian Institute of Valuers, Member Institution of Engineers India, and Senior Member Society of Plastic Engineers USA. He holds expertise in Circular Economy, Recycling, EPR & Plastics. He is Head of Plastics Committee MRAI, Hon. Secretary Governing Council of Indian Plastics Institute and also an approved Valuer for Plant and Machinery. Along with multiple feats, he also holds a Guinness World Book Record Holder for the world's largest T-shirt from plastic waste in 2018. Other associations-

  • Member Advisory Committee CIPET- Dept. of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Government of India
  • Member CSR Committee Assocham India
  • Member Industry academia Committee Amity University
  • Mentor International Council on Circular Economy
  • Signatory to Global Commitment to End plastic waste(Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation)
  • Member Global Partnership Marine Litter(UN Environment Program)
  • Member Prevent Waste Alliance (Germany)
  • Global Advisor MSMECCII (India)
He has been a guide to students for their Master's and Ph.D. degrees.He has been on several committees of national and state level for plastic waste management. He has several publications and has a patent, has been a speaker/ moderator at national and international conferences, besides being the recipient of awards at state and national level. THEY SAID SO... Sameer is a good friend and a great companion always is human in heart and rich in knowledge of plastics. He is always ready to do anything good for the betterment of society. In Short - Sameer: a lovable man for all. -PADMA SHRI R VASUDEVANPLASTIC MAN OF INDIA Dr. Joshi is a Hero of RECESS (Recycling, Environment, Circular Economy, Sustainability System (RECESS) - GINU JOSEPH, FOUNDER OF MODERN PLASTICS INDIA  

Sustainable packaging developments one year in the new normal

Sustainable packaging developments one year in the new normal

The companies commitments with sustainable packaging goals, 2025 is fast approaching. That’s the year when many have pledged to become zero waste, or to use 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging Yet, at the same time, the pandemic has led to a surge in environmental and sustainability awareness by showing how much carbon emissions can drop, or wildlife can flourish, when the world’s economic engine slows down.

Rethink Recycling

Time To Redesign & Rethink Recycling In The New Normal

Recycling plays a crucial role in the quest to end plastics waste and move to a circular economy. Industry leaders say that traditional, mechanical, and chemical recycling methods are needed. While chemical recycling shows promise experts also seek to improve the ability of thermoplastics to be recycled via the traditional processes of sorting collected material, …

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Plastics Recycling

Plastics Recycling In The New Normal ….…Where Do We Go From Here…..?

Plastics play a key role in protecting people, especially front line workers, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Informal waste pickers are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic. Corporations are rethinking recycling plans and sustainability commitments in the face of economic turmoil. The increase in single-use plastics will have long-term impacts. However which single use plastics will be not banned needs to be seen

Circular Economy


The paper deliberates two concepts; the first is in using data to understand our world, which, by the way, is becoming increasingly important as a science from which we can derive trends to create models and forecasts. The second is our human footprint, an increasingly valid means to justify implementing circular systems into our economy and everyday lives.

Circular Economy


‘It is widely recognised that plastics have a crucial role to play in delivering a more sustainable future. Through their unique combination of light-weight, durability and other intrinsic properties, plastic materials already contribute to reduce GHG emissions making a more efficient use of our resources across a range of different sectors and everyday applications. As …


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