Divyesh Dadhania

Divyesh Dadhania, a Polymer Technologist by Training is the Founder of Biopolymer Project at KP Tech( Machine) India Pvt. Ltd.

Presently, working on a biodegradable polymer project to establish an industrial-scale production of bioplastic. My pursuit began with my undergraduate education. The negative impact of synthetic plastic products on the environment caught my attention which further motivated me to pursue a master’s in polymer technology. While doing masters, working on sustainable polymer became the dream and quest to fulfil the dream led me to work innovatively and independently in a research laboratory at Ahmedabad, India. The team’s hard work brought me one step closer to my mission which I envisioned years back. The research was carried out at IIT Guwahati to develop lab-scale technology. Currently, we are scaling it up to a pilot plant.

Bioplastics Scenario in India: Regulations, Production and Markets

The Indian bioplastics industry is again growing rapidly after digesting setbacks of the covid pandemic and the October 2, 2019 SUP (single-use plastic) ban fiasco. The growth of the industry depends on many parameters like government policy, the effectiveness of rules implementation, cost competitiveness,public awareness, etc. Regulations The government of India had announced that from …

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Bio-based materials for packaging application

The bio-based material should be originating from renewable resources completely and should have enough strength to get processed into packaging products. Various parameters like melt strength, tensile strength, elongation, processability, flexibility, thermal stability, biodegradability and composability decide the market acceptability and make any bio-based material to be commercially viable.

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