Dhun Patel

Strategist, Researcher, Co-Founder at Therefore Design

Founding Partner at Therefore Design, a Strategic Design consultancy that works in synergy with businesses to identify opportunities and explore their potential through design.

Spearheading Research and Strategy at Therefore Design, where we harness the power of consumer and market insights to help businesses bridge the gap between brands and consumers while delivering higher value.

Her expertise lies in the convergence of business and brand strategy which strangely enough many a times are at odds with each other. Having a unique mix of experience that enables her to strike a balance between the pragmatic considerations of clients and design thinking approaches that results in innovative yet practical solutions.

5Cs to Great Packaging

5Cs to Great Packaging

Never before in the history of mankind, has the consumer had such immense power of choice as they enjoy today. Walk into any retail store or open any ecommerce portal and, no matter what the product category, there are more than a dozen brands vying for their attention. The principal challenge for us marketers then, is how to get a consumer to first notice, then engage and next decide to buy our brand. Research into consumer psychology and buying behaviour shows that the first instinct to pick up a product is driven by emotion rather than logic, which comes later, when the consumer needs to justify the purchase.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design of Everyday Products

The relationship with the consumers goes far beyond mere purchase and is determined by the product’s usability and its packaging. Product and packaging design therefore need to address an existing consumer need or problem and attempt to solve it.

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