January 2023

Edible Plant-Based Ink for Safe Screen Printing Applications

India has banned the manufacture, sale, and use of identified single-use plastic items like plates, cups, straws, trays, polystyrene, and plastic carry bags from 1 July 2022. As an alternative, cotton, jute or paper bags are being used for carrying groceries or pre-cooked food items. Often, these items are carried in paper bags made of recycled newspaper. The ink in printing the newspaper can potentially harm the items in contact, posing health hazards.

TNPL to Come Up with 200,000 TPA Packaging Board Plant

“The quality of our paper board is well-accepted in the Domestic & Overseas Markets. Seeing the rising demand for our Paper Board, we have decided to come up with one more packaging board line soon,” says Mr. SVR Krishnan, Executive Director, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd.

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