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The Adept Group delivers best in class consulting, talent, digital and value optimization solutions for the packaging world. With specialized teams focused on each of those areas, Adept Group has assembled the top experts in the packaging industry to help companies reduce risk, increase speed to market, optimize cost, and transform the value of packaging. ​

The Group works with the top brands in the Food & Beverage, CPG, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries to deliver the specialized expertise they need to supplement their teams.

Single Parcel Distribution Test Design for E-Commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a major boost to e-commerce, with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting a 45% year-over-year increase from the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020. For brands experiencing a significant increase in e-commerce sales or embracing e-commerce for the first time, designing packaging to hold up under the conditions a single parcel may face in shipping can be a challenge. Products that are damaged during shipping are costly to your brand’s reputation and can ruin your relationship with customers.

Cost Savings Through Packaging SKU Rationalization

Cost Savings Through Packaging SKU Rationalization

Packaging SKU rationalization can drive cost savings opportunities in a few different ways. It may allow a brand to consolidate its packaging material suppliers and purchase fewer structures and sizes. It may provide an opportunity to reduce the amount of packaging material inventory it needs to keep on hand. Reducing the number of packaging SKUs helps a brand to better utilize its warehouse space. It also enables a brand to optimize asset utilization across manufacturing and packaging facilities.

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Adept Packaging Knowledge Anthology

Adept Packaging has released the most robust resource yet for brand owners and packaging professionals alike. The Adept Packaging Knowledge Anthology is a collection white papers, articles, Learning Share webinars, podcasts, infographics, checklists, and cheat sheets for a wide range of topics.

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