Robert Lockyer

Robert Lockyer is CEO Delta Global. He leads An experienced group of individuals, with over 75 years collective knowledge within the packaging industry, Delta Global Source have come together to change the rules of traditional packaging supply and distribution.

Delta Global is a leading worldwide luxury packaging provider with innovation and creativity at its core.

With cutting-edge design and an unrivalled speed to market process, Delta Global is a diverse company within the packaging sector with a passion for progressiveness and sustainability.

Specialising in luxury papers, fabrics and bags, rigid and flat pack boxes and accessories such as ribbons, tissue and stickers, the company also offers sustainable finishes, embossing and more.

Delta Global works across a variety of luxury sectors and markets, including fashion, cosmetics and footwear.

Brands such as Estée Lauder, Coach, Tom Ford and Ted Baker trust the team to provide them with luxury, sustainable and stunning designs, to promote and protect their brand values.

Revolutionising not only packaging design, but client relationships, development and distribution, Delta Global thinks beyond the boundaries when producing packaging.

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