Dominic Santschi

"Dominic Santschi is a Co-Founder of Ampliphi - an intelligent environmental action platform enabling companies to measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint. Before starting Ampliphi, Dominic worked with a leading plastic credit provider where he spearheaded partnership and business development projects. In this role, he lived in India, the UK, and Switzerland, engaging with myriad multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the US Plastics Pact and the Ocean Plastic Leadership Network. Dominic holds an MSc in Climate Change, Management & Finance from Imperial College London. He also claims to have a closer relationship with packaging in his dustbin than with his neighbours."

The Rationale Behind Plastic Footprint Management

A plastic footprint is an indicator used to measure the negative impacts of plastic pollution associated with a company’s operations and supply chain. In layman’s terms, a plastic footprint calculates how much plastic waste a company generates and the associated negative impacts on our environment, society, and economy.

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