Carlos Mora

Carlos Mora is the Sales Manager of Safe Load Testing Technologies, international provider of solutions for packaging optimization. He is Electronic Technical Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and holds an Executive Master of Project Management from the University of Valencia.
Currently Carlos is a member of the European board of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) and collaborates in different working groups of the most important associations and committees in the packaging testing field: IAPRI association (International Association of Packaging Research Institute), ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), EUMOS (European Safe Logistics Association) and CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation).
Carlos counts with more than 10 years of experience in sales area with a strong technical component in several industrial sectors, such as railway, pharmaceutical and packaging. In Safe Load Testing Technologies, he takes the responsibility of the sales team management and the relationship with customers, as well as the representation of the company in fairs and conferences.


How the coronavirus pandemic has affected the packaging industry ?

The coronavirus crisis has brought about unprecedented transformations at a global scale, and the packaging industry has been no exception.

While the consequences of COVID-19 have not been as negative for the packaging sector as they have for other industries, there have been significant trend shifts in relation to the future of packaging.

Package Testing

Recent Advances in Testing of Transport-worthiness of Filled packages

The main objective of packaging is to protect the product. Simple. It is important to remember because sometimes it is forgotten and our spectacular new package design doesn´t work, the product is damaged when it is transported, and the spectacular becomes useless.

To avoid that, since decades, testing the unit loads has been an important part in the good packaging design process. The big player in this field is the association ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), that gathers the main experts in the transport packaging field and is continuously creating and updating different test protocols for this topic. This group of experts handled to create those protocols which include tests to measure the resistance of our package to the standard forces the package can find along the way such as drops, impacts, vibrations, compression.

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