Month: July 2022

Pril Packaging Now with 50 per cent Recycled Material from Yellow Bag Waste

ALPLA and Henkel have set another milestone together in relation to sustainable packaging. The bottle bodies produced in Germany for the dishwashing detergent Pril will now be produced from 50 per cent recycled material from yellow bag waste. Recycled beverage bottles are to be used for the remaining part, so the bottle bodies will consist of 100 per cent recycled PET.

Plastic Ban: Eco-friendly Brands Make Hay Out of Wood Products

The ban on single-use plastic effective July 1 has come as an opportunity for eco-friendly solutions providers, who are seeing a rise in demand for their products. Offering innovative alternatives to plastic like biodegradable garbage bags, bamboo toothbrushes to wooden cutlery, trays, stirrers, ice cream spoons, reusable kitchen towel sheets, the manufacturers of sustainable products have ramped up production accordingly.

The First Cosmetic Bottle Derived From Enzymatic Plastic Recycling

On June 24th, 2021, L’Oréal announced the realization of the first cosmetic bottle made from plastic entirely recycled using Carbios’ enzymatic technology and aims to put into production the bottles based on this disruptive innovation in 2025. Biotherm would be the first of the Group’s brands to launch a product in this bottle of the future.

Ban on Single-Use Plastic Kicks in From July 1

As the ban on certain single-use plastic (SUP) items kicks in from Friday, State governments will initiate an enforcement campaign and close down units engaging in the production, distribution, stocking and sale of such items, Union Environment Ministry officials said.

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