Developing Pharmaceuticals Packaging Designs

Pharmaceuticals Packaging Design

PROJECT: Packaging Design                                                             

Product Name: Enzotab
Company: Ranbaxy
Division: Diagnostics

Requirements: Developing packaging for a diagnostic kit, containing 3 varied size bottles and an information leaflet. The product was to be sold as a retail unit for Path Lab technicians.

1. Varied sized bottles
2. Fragile contents
3. Multi-use product
4. Storage conditions: 2-80 C
5. Low cost packaging despite low volume production

Product design concept:  The first step was to design a carton construction that could carry the fragile contents safely through transit, storage and in usage as well. Other challenge was to adjust different sized bottles without any scope of rattling in transit. Since it was meant to be used multiple times, ease of usage was of prime importance.

The usual solution was to place 3 bottles in a row and create a standard carton, top opening and lock bottom

Finally, the idea of a unique triangular pack design was suggested with a tray base to hold the contents in place. It also provided easy accessibility even after the carton was opened.

The base tray with hollow cavities was conceived and was produced in polystyrene, popularly known as thermocol

The cavities had different depths for different sized bottles and a slot for the information leaflet. The snug fit of bottles & folded leaflet in assigned cavities left no scope for rattling.

Reasons to choose polystyrene base :
1. Light weight (easy and economical logistics)
2. Water proof (For lab conditions, refrigeration)
3. Shock proof (protects the fragile contents/glass bottles)

Once the base tray design was finalised, the upper cover or lid was designed in paper board for easy slide-on over the base. Designing the outer cover too in triangle shape was a challenge and was planned in one piece collapsible construction with no staples or pasting. The surface design had graphics in dual colour, printed on white back duplex board for keeping the production costs, low.
It was laminated for moisture protection and extended shelf life

Highlights: The bottles had colour coded caps for easy identification of contents even without the need to read labels. Strong retail shelf appeal because of the unique triangular shape.

The top of carton (yellow triangle area) was used to put stickers to identify different products within the Enzotab umbrella range. The kit along with the base tray could easily be stored in a refrigerator without the upper cover.


Director (Creative Design) Shapes & Forms Pvt. Ltd.

A Graphic design professional with over two decades of experience in managing Retail design and print solutions for large Business and Corporate Multinationals.

An accomplished design specialist, having setup and established various practices in domain areas of Graphic Design, Innovative Packaging, Digital Photography and Print Production. Loves working on design solutions that are easy to look, easy to make & easy to use.

Strong industry knowledge and experience with multinational brands ranging from Pharma companies like Ranbaxy, Eli Lilly, Rexam, Jubilant, Dr. Morepen, JK-Pharma to FMCGs like PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, IKEA, Avon, Sahara, GSK, Tefal, Modicare, Oriflamme, Dabur, JC Penney and likes.

Have also been associated with Delhi College of Art as a Visiting Faculty & External Examiner for Delhi University since 1997.

Holds a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design from College of Art, Delhi University,
A Graduate Diploma in Packaging Technology from IIP-Mumbai and a
PG-Diploma in Retail Management from Symbiosis-Pune.

Also, holds certifications in UX design, HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and Design thinking from the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

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