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Organic Pigment Selection

Organic Pigment Selection for Food Packaging Application

The packaging is an essential tool utilized by the food business operators to differentiate the products from others. Beyond shelf appeal, packaging also provides protection to the products form physical, chemical, and microbiological hazards. Packaging materials can be a source of chemical contamination and may impact food safety and food quality. Among the different components of packaging material, packaging inks play a vital role as they might hamper product and consumer safety. Each packaging ink is a mixture of different chemicals and some of these chemicals might be harmful while holding the potential to migrate to the foodstuff when getting in contact. In terms of risk, the chemicals could be toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, repro-toxic and even endocrine disruptors. The government has imposed stringent regulations to protect consumers from the harmful effects of printing ink used. Thus, growing stringent regulation to use organic pigments had expected to boost the market growth.

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packaging materials for food contain

Packaging materials for food contain highly toxic chemicals

The agency tested over 60 different paper and cardboard-based packaging materials, and besides the already mentioned items above, the test included bags for french fries and popcorn, muffin wrappings, packaging for several cereal-based food items for kids, straws, plates, cookie wrappings and more. And the test results are quite astonishing.

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The Sustainable Revolution for Food Packaging

From the collaboration between Novamont, SunChemical Group, Ticinoplast and Uteco Group – an all-Italian supply chain of industrial and technological excellence – a new concept of food packaging is born, which responds to the growing demand for packaging with a lower environmental impact and which for performance and characteristics it has no comparison on the world market.

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