The Sustainable Revolution for Food Packaging



From the collaboration between Novamont, SunChemical Group, Ticinoplast and Uteco Group – an all-Italian supply chain of industrial and technological excellence – a new concept of food packaging is born, which responds to the growing demand for packaging with a lower environmental impact and which for performance and characteristics it has no comparison on the world market.

By sharing their respective technological know-how, Novamont, SunChemical, Ticinoplast and Uteco Group have developed a solution that combines the biodegradability, compostability of materials (biopolymers, inks, adhesives, barrier products and substrates) with extrusion, printing and lamination techniques. first in the world. The flexible film thus obtained is optimal for food packaging having similar technical characteristics to the solutions currently adopted but being able – after use – to be used for the collection of the wet fraction and sent for subsequent industrial composting.

Novamont’s flexible Mater-Bi bioplastic film, extruded with Ticinoplast technology, is treated with Aerbloc Enhance / SunChemical barrier lacquer, printed with Aqualam / SunChemical water-based inks and laminated using a SunLam / SunChemical compostable solvent-free adhesive using printing technology and lamination of Uteco Group.

It is a solution that enables the creation of a wide range of laminated structures, which can be adopted for the production of many types of food packaging on multiple automatic, horizontal and vertical packaging lines, as well as various preformed bags.

Concepts such as recyclability and eco-design – also thanks to the stimuli of a consumer increasingly oriented to direct their purchasing and consumption choices towards products packaged with less bulky and more sustainable packaging – are significantly changing the packaging sector and the real challenge today is make it easy to adopt these solutions.

“Thanks to our supply chain, packaging sector operators and brand owners can have a “one-stop-shop” in which to obtain the complete solution, tailored to everyone’s needs, without having to spend time and energy in selecting individual suppliers of various components necessary for the realization of the specific solution ”, declares Aldo Peretti, president of Uteco Group.

“Companies are now required to make a joint effort that allows them to create sustainable solutions for food packaging throughout the supply chain and in a short time. In this perspective, the innovation contribution that each partner brought to raw materials, processing technologies, printing machines, inks, adhesives and coatings was an indispensable element for the success of the initiative “says Fabio Deflorian, CEO of SunChemical Group Italy.

“In this particular moment in which the push towards sustainability is very strong, collaboration between several companies becomes a fundamental element to allow the process of technological innovation to be significantly accelerated, leading to the creation of solutions suitable for food packaging that respects the environment ”, Comments Paolo Rossi, CEO of Ticinoplast.

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