Innovate Your Packaging With Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Packaging360 & HP came together to organize a webinar on “Innovate your Packaging with Digital Printing” on 6th November, 2020. The webinar was set to showcase the power of digital printing technology & solutions for the start -up ecosystem, especially in the F&B & Cosmetics & FMCG products business.

Dr.R. Rangaprasad, Business Head Packaging 360, welcomed the speakers & participants & set the context for the webinar by stating that since the arrival of the digital age, the world has experienced an accelerated rate of change, that has & continues to transform human behaviour, social interaction & expectations.

The webinar was organized into three segments: The Start-up segment, The converting segment & Digital Printing solutions from HP.

The Start-Up Segment

Founders of Four successful start -up organization shared their thoughts in this segment.

Mr. Nilesh Lele, Founder of Exelon Basket began his narrative by describing the journey & challenges faced in making labels & how he was able to overcome them. If social entrepreneur Nilesh Lele can make it with the help of digital printing for his fruit-based beverages brand Frigzo (Exelon Basket), then any product can.

One look at Frubites packaging and you know kids will be instantly drawn to it. Making healthy look tempting is the goal Bharat Kulkarni (Revsnacks Pvt. Ltd.) achieved with the Frubites Packaging. Mr. Bharat Kulkarni, Founder of Revsnacks Pvt Ltd dwelt upon the costs involved in different printing technologies & its impact on business.

Mr. Himanshu Chadha, Founder of Aryanveda, said that the biggest challenge they were facing in digital printing of white colour but the solution that they got from LEAP DIGIPRINT in printing white was amazing. They also got PVC shrink printed from them and the results was amazing. Himanshu believes the capabilities of HP printer are far ahead of normal digital printing. As an S O P getting all over jobs printed first on digital and then to scale-up they give it for normal printing to offset or rotogravure printer.

They made an entire business model around packaging for different suppliers of drinking water. Neeram has successfully proven that packaging can be the USP of a company to sell products. Mr.Atul Bhansali, founder of NEERAM also shared his experience in being able to meet just in time & short order demands from clients.

The Convertors Segment

Vikram Prasad Founder of LEAP Digi Prints (ex Huhtamaki India) started his entrepreneurial journey with Leap Digi print offering Digital Printing as its core service. He stressed the point that High Speed Internet is one of the biggest leveller for businesses. This provided the Perfect ground for Startups & small brands to thrive. In India, 55000 no.’s of registered Startups in India and counting. Not only IT & ITES, it’s also about F&B, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals & much more. The new Brands are going local. All brands need a story and who tells it the best – Packaging! He shared success stories with a leading tea brand. The client needed a clean looking “text only” label to highlight the brand & content details, for almost 30 odd variants. LEAP Digi Prints offered digitally printed PVC shrink sleeves with clean & sharp printing.

Digital Printing Solutions from HP

Two subject matter experts from HP explained the power of digital printing technology.

Dennis Choo highlighted the features of HP mosaic Patented Technology, which has generated more than 4000 unique ready to use designs, which is a time saver.

Mr. Prasad Date reiterated That ‘first moment of truth’ is becoming more critical.

Although we now buy a lot of products online, the package is STILL relevant as in encompasses the shopping experience. It has a direct influence on how we feel about the product. It’s the first physical contact with the brand.  The package has gone from being functional to being both functional and a place where brands can engage with customers.

He cited the case study of “ATTA GIRL” which saw a rise in brand value and sales by switching to digital print packaging solutions.

Audience Response

Interesting Questions concerning the cost of digital printing Vs conventional methods were raised by the audience, especially for the start up ecosystem.

Watch the Webinar right here!

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