Free OEE Calculator for Packaging Manufacturers

OEE Calculator

OEE is one of the most important metrics to track in a factory. It englobes performance, availability and quality and by evaluating these three factors, it provides information about which sectors of your operation need investment and improvements. When well applied in practice, Overall Equipment Efficiency tells you how your factory is evolving at a particular time. It can provide useful insights when comparing different production lines that produce the exact same product.

When comparing different OEE results, there are several things that you should take into account because there are different ways to calculate it. While some count planned machine maintenance and setup as planned downtime, others might include it in unplanned downtime. All these differences will influence the final result.

While dealing with a lot of daily tasks, it’s tough to analyze this data by yourself. And when you can get these figures, it’s even tougher to know if your operation is going well or not. Perhaps, you may find some online calculators, but none of them are made for packaging manufacturers.

To solve all of those challenges, we developed a free and exclusive OEE Calculator for Packaging Factories to help you track your productivity. This pioneering tool is based on an outstanding study from Informance International, with almost 800 worldwide packaging manufacturers, combined with a PackIOT’s exclusive research ran over the last three years.

To get this tool, you just need to download it by clicking on the link below. It is totally free and super easy to use! It comes on an excel file format and only you can have access to your results.

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Our OEE Calculator is based on a study by Informance International, which holds the results of 800 different packaging manufacturers from all around the world, combined with our three-year experience in the market. When using this calculator, besides indicating for how long did a production order last, how many good parts were there or for how long the production line stopped unexpectedly, you will also be able to indicate the batch size, for how long do your operations last, how old is your equipment and if your production line holds one machine or more. By selecting these last four indicators, you will be able to get a more accurate result and compare it to manufacturers with similar characteristics.

To sum up, OEE can be a crucial metric to help you identify bottlenecks in your production lines and to help to be more productive and efficient. This calculator can contribute to help understand what is failing and what needs to be revised and improved.”

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