“Innovation & Sustainable Growth To Reach The 5 Trillion Dollar Economy”


“Innovation & Sustainable Growth to Reach The 5 Trillion Dollar Economy”
Mr. Vagish Dixit, Chief Engagement Officer – Alpla Global, Managing Director & Partner of ALPLA India at ALPLA Group.

In an exclusive interview with Packaging 360, Mr. Vagish Dixit explains ALPLA’s commitment to offering sustainable solutions for accelerating India’s growth to reach the 5 Trillion-dollar Economy.

Packaging 360:  Please tell us the journey of ALPLA Ltd & its contribution to the packaging requirements of the Indian market.

Vagish Dixit: ALPLA has grown from humble beginnings in 2006 with investments of Euro 5 million to a topline in excess of Euro 100 million now. We have multiple plants and have a leadership position in EBM, IM and in the top 5 in PET. We are constantly engaged with current and future clients to meet and possibly exceed their expectations with dependable supply chain of consistently high-quality products. We are known for our cutting-edge innovative capabilities. With these strong points, we hope to continue our consistent growth trajectory.

Packaging 360: Could you highlight the high growth areas or sectors (FMCG, F&B, Cosmetics, home care, pharmaceuticals etc.?) In India for the next 5 years & how your company plans to partner with major brands to develop new applications & new markets.

Vagish Dixit: India is a consistent growth story. With the clarion call of our Honorable Prime Minister to grow to a US$ 5 trillion economy, I believe all areas and sectors will grow. I expect food & beverage to grow very strongly as also all others.

Packaging 360: ALPLA is a global leader in Sustainability. Please throw light on some of the important “Sustainability” initiatives undertaken by ALPLA Ltd especially for the Indian market.

Vagish Dixit: ALPLA has signed the Ellen MacArthur Pledge and is committed to ensure 100% of its’ products are fully recyclable by 2025. We are also committed to have 25% overall PCR content in the products. We are strongly poised in India to meet these obligations in Indian context as well. We have already launched some initiatives with our lead customers and much more is in pipeline. We are also very strong in the field of “Design for Recycling and sustainability”.

Packaging 360: What are the innovative packaging formats / structures from ALPLA Ltd to help brand owners achieve sustainability targets?

Vagish Dixit: PCR usage in packs is the big push. Also design for recycling is a big new buzz word that is being taken seriously. Right weighting is another area of push.

Packaging 360: Please enumerate the steps taken by ALPLA Ltd to support plastics waste management practices adopted by various brand owners.

Vagish Dixit: ALPLA is part of PACE and also various other bodies supporting ethical collection of waste and also proper waste management. Rigid plastics are recycled to a large % (67% for all PE and 92% for PET). We have largely a problem in the space of irresponsible disposal. This is a huge social problem which needs grass root education. We expect major behavioral changes in the next 3-5 years.

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