Pallruns®: The Solution to The Hidden Pollution in Air Transport Packaging

Ahhhhh… Nowadays is so easy and fast to receive and ship goods. In old times customers needed to sit and wait days, months to receive a commodity, which today takes up to one day to arrive.

Well, it happens that we are at the moment paying a high price for it. As the globalization makes easy to send goods around the world and everything is happening so fast, and people are so hurry, (and you are now reading this really hurry)…

​… the air cargo with its practicality, price, and fast delivery became essencial BUT… (here comes the but)

… this choice has an absurd and severe influence on the CO2 emitted for the transportation of these goods. As the time pass, the industry that once did not have a high percentage on the greenhouse gas emission, today is one of the most quickly-growing sources of the same gas. The air cargo industry.

The heavy packaging of the air cargo industry

Air cargo is traditionally transported in airplanes on big metal trays size 2000-3000 mm x up to 2000-3000 mm.On top of the tray is traditionally a wooden construction that has been used to stabilize the final pallets. Huge + Heavy = more fuel consumption!

The solution that makes the difference!

In order to change this situation, to reduce the greenhouse gas emission, it is necessary to observe​ how the goods are being transported.

​This huge wooden construction can be replaced with PallRuns® and in fact, we have now started to make tests with several Cargo handling companies, all global forwarders in the Air Cargo business.

This environmentally friendly pallet runner needs no treatment, are​ 100% recyclable and it has a strong solid board structure but are light in weight – huge savings in air freight!

An easy solution.
Perfectly feasible investment in sustainability.
Your goods safe.
Our environment breathing.
We breathing.​

Eltete can offer PallRuns® worldwide from its global production and local sales network giving us a unique possibility to prove that PallRun® is the best solution available for this concept.

Recyclability, Sustainability, Environmentally-friendly, Renewable… These are the terms that you will be hearing, watching, reading more and more in the next years…
… as it should be. Undoubtedly, sustainability involves all sectors of society. Everything what we do today counts for the future, for the planet we live in.

If you want to read more about the consequences of high emission of greenhouse gas, Please read this simple, short an easy-to-read article:

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Eltete TPM Ltd is a global carton board refiner and one of the leading producers of 100 % recyclable transport packaging materials and solutions in the world. Our high quality and product development is based on almost 50 years of experience which is converted to meet the needs of our customers, helping them to operate in a more productive and sustainable way.

With headquarters in Finland, Eltete group members and partner production sites can be found globally and its sales network reaches over 60 countries.

Patricia Hakasaari is a marketing specialist at Eltete TPM. She has been working at Eltete for 10 years, and during that time she had the opportunity to go through several areas within the company, such as sales and production cooperation, among others, which allowed her to have a deep understanding of the products, of the company and its mission.

Currently working in Marketing, she supports sales representatives both in Finland and abroad, partners and colleagues, to bring knowledge of sustainable packaging materials and all their benefits worldwide, helping customers to reduce waste, save money and preserve the environment.


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