Palletizers Make Your Business More Efficient While Providing a Safer Working Environment.

Why Is Palletizing Equipment Important?

No matter the industry, moving products around and organizing them efficiently is probably a big concern. Efficiency can be the foundation of a successful business. Technological advancements have in this, changing the world as we know it.

The most commonly known piece of equipment to achieve this are palletizers. While these machines are very advanced, it becomes easy to forget that workers used to carry boxes and bags around factories. Introducing these machines in the workplace completely changed the way businesses were organized and considerably improved the working conditions.

It’s simple, palletizers make your business more efficient while providing a safer working environment. That’s why they’ve become critical pieces of equipment around the world and across industries. Let’s take a deeper look to understand why palletizing equipment is so important.

Palletizers are more efficient

The main advantage of palletizing is the ability to quickly and efficiently load and unload products for transportation. This also applies to moving products around the production facility. Having products on pallets, they can be separated into categories, prioritized by which one gets unloaded first, and better organized.
The main benefit of palletizing is how it standardizes the loads you are carrying. This means you can plan your entire workflow simply with the measurements of the transport vehicle. And if you are carrying perishable goods, you can ensure that they are moved quickly, saving on costly transit refrigeration.

Perhaps the most overlooked advantage of palletizing is that it protects your cases by keeping them off the ground. Whether in a truck or a warehouse, floors can be dirty, dusty or wet, none of which should be happening to the boxes. Since pallets are slotted, they also provide drainage and aeration for perishable products, which ensures goods remain fresher, longer.

Palletizers provide a safer workplace

According to the International Labour Organization, there are over 340 million workplace injuries every year. Despite everyone’s best efforts, industrial workplaces still have their fair share of dangers. One of the most common hazards that is not being looked at is perhaps the most pernicious, heavy loads. There are a lot of techniques to mitigate the issue, but equipment is definitely the best answer.

It’s been proven several times that repetitive movements cause stress to human muscle tissue, causing permanent damage and injuries. Even with little to no weight involved, having your employees constantly performing the same movements over and over is not ideal.

Adding a palletizer to your production line means you can move employees to safer roles and tasks. It also means that your stacks of products will always be perfectly laid out and they’ll become sturdier. Falling boxes and bags are a surprisingly common injury cause, and are completely negated by correctly used palletizing equipment.

Is Robotic Versus Conventional Important?

We’ve talked in other posts about the difference between conventional and robotic palletizing. The short answer is no, the difference isn’t important. The long answer is that you should be using the correct type of palletizer for your business.

Robotic palletizers are very versatile and can be adapted to almost any situation. Conventional palletizers excel at single product types and operate a bit faster, but they often only do one thing very well. Do your research to make sure you’re selecting the right kind, but ultimately, neither is better than the other.

You Need Palletizing Equipment

There’s no two ways around it: If you have a manufacturing business, you need palletizing equipment. It’s a sizable investment, but it’s one that quickly pays itself many times over. No matter the industry, it’s the kind of machine that will completely change the way you operate your business.

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