OML-1140 : A Fast and Versatile Open-Mouth Bagger

The OML -1140 high-speed open-mouth bagging machine is a unique, advanced, fast and versatile bagging equipment. This high-speed system, designed for bagging powdered or granular materials into open-mouth bags, has no equivalent on the market.

The operating principle of this bagger makes it one of the fastest bagging machines in the world. It can handle a wide variety of products and bags for optimal flexibility.

The OML-1140 high-speed open-mouth bagger designed by Premier Tech is optimal for high-production capacity thanks to its minimal bag handling time process and a total control of the bags throughout the entire cycle. Its bag magazine can hold up to 600 bags and the multiple-stack feature is great for operating autonomy as well as fast and easy reloading. While fast, the OML-1140 high-speed open-mouth bagger is also equipped with VFD (variable frequency drives) on key movements for smooth operation and longer life span.

This open-mouth bagger was designed with detection systems to check if the bag is correctly placed on the spout to avoid product spillage.

The OML-1140 also offers optimal flexibility with modular platforms to suit various application and is able to run virtually any type of bag and material. Its usability is well known on the market as it is easy to operate and equipped with an intuitive operation screen.




Premier Tech is one of the largest packaging equipment manufacturers in the world. Well-known in the flexible and rigid packaging industries, PT offers specific packaging machines as well as complete packaging lines for small- and large-scale productions. Its wide product portfolio includes weighing technology, open-mouth bagging machines, valve bagging machines, FFS machines, Bulk Bag filling equipment, robot palletizers for bags, cases and other container, conventional bag palletizers, stretch wrappers, stretch hooders, and conveyors. Moreover, PT offers bulk processing solutions for organic materials.

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