Milliken’s Hyperform® HPN® 900ei Designed to Enhance Thin-Wall Injection Molded PP packaging

Performance additive improves properties and aesthetics in homopolymer PP

Milliken & Company’s Hyperform® HPN® 900ei performance additive enhances the aesthetics, sustainability and productivity of thin-wall injection molded polypropylene packaging—and now is available in India.

Hyperform HPN 900ei delivers a clear optical advantage by reducing the modified PP resin’s haze and yellowness index. This yields final parts that are cleaner, clearer and more transparent, ultimately allowing highly recyclable, thin-wall injection molded PP parts to replace less sustainable and often more expensive materials.

“PP resin modified with Hyperform HPN 900ei yields parts that exhibit an excellent balance of stiffness, or flexural modulus, and impact performance,” according to Bhavesh Gandhi, Milliken’s global product line manager for Hyperform HPN. Such resin also provides for isotropic shrinkage—similar shrinkage in both directions—and less overall shrinkage. “The result,” says Gandhi, “is higher-quality, dimensionally stable, non-warping parts.”

Designed for use in polypropylene homopolymers and mini-randoms, Hyperform HPN 900ei also boosts the material’s heat deflection temperature, thereby improving heat resistance for applications that require it. This includes superior microwave stability.

Converters stand to benefit from improved productivity as well. The resin’s higher crystallization temperature enabled by the additive allows injection molders to cut their energy use by reducing cycle times and realizing faster overall processing. The independent agency Underwriter Laboratories (UL) has certified energy savings of 5% to 8%. This means that parts molded with the material can display the UL Environmental Claim Validation label, allowing brand owners to lower their carbon footprint and promote their commitment to sustainability.

Watch Hyperform in Action during Injection Molding of Polypropylene

Bhavesh Gandhi is Global Productline Manager – Hyperform®, for the Plastics Additives business of Milliken's Chemical Division of Milliken & Company. He has 19 years of experience in clarification & nucleation technologies for polyolefins. Mr. Bhavesh Gandhi began his career with Milliken as a Technical Development Associate in 2002 following Master Degree in Chemical Engineering at University Of Missouri – Rolla. He earned a B. E. in Chemical Engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao (M. S.) Gayakwad University in India and completed MBA in International Business from Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta.

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