Custom Foundation Packaging for Promoting New Product Collection

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The cosmetic foundation is one of the basic makeup essentials. There are a number of different foundations available to consumers these days based on formulation and skin types. Cosmetic brands are constantly improving makeup foundations to provide customers new and better items. If you have a whole range of dewy and full coverage foundations, marketing them in signature packaging is likely to make these worth checking out.

Boxes for foundations protect them from getting runny and dried up due to extreme heat and moisture. The packaging comes in handy for safely storing the foundations in a cosmetic pouch or handbag. When getting the boxes for face makeup items designed, you should consider the elements of product safety, customer convenience and purposefulness. Packaging should provide answers to the most common questions of the buyers who intend to buy full coverage or a natural base.

Do check out the latest printing trends and dazzling packaging box styles to get the boxes customized contemporarily. Seek the expertise of a professional printer like the Packaging Republic to get your custom foundation packaging boxes printed.

Here are some tips that will help you with printing packaging for your new foundation range!

Packaging Design should be Captivating

If you want to leave a lasting impression of your cosmetics on potential buyers, make the packaging artwork attractive. Use images and font that help with building perception about the packaged item. For different kinds of foundations, you can have varying design details. Get the name of brightening and other cosmetic bases printed interestingly on the boxes. The color backdrop should be chosen according to the shade of the foundation. Have your logo and tagline printed vividly on the packaging.

The Boxes should have Essential Product Information

If you want to make your new foundation range likable with the potential customers, provide all the important information about the products. The foundation boxes should have relevant details about the makeup item. Information like how to use the base correctly does it require the user to apply moisturizer first, what kind of coverage it offers and if it has some natural ingredients in it ought to be available on the boxes. Custom foundation packaging should make it easier for the customers to take their pick for the item that matches their skin tone and preferences.

Packaging should be Convenient to Carry

Providing customers with foundation boxes that are convenient to carry will make your newly launched makeup items purchasable. A makeup junkie would prefer a foundation that is packaged in a lightweight and easy to carry box. Evaluate the available and commonly preferred packaging style options for custom boxes printing. You should make a choice after analyzing the practicality of various packaging layouts.

Make the Boxes Compelling and Interesting

Using bland details of your product on the packaging isn’t likely to convince buyers to like it. You should use thoughtful ideas to make the boxes for the foundation interesting for the shoppers. You can utilize beauty quotes and facts related to cosmetic base on the boxes to create unique inkling for your new foundations. If you have designed an advertising campaign featuring your newbie cosmetic base range, endorse it through packaging for making it more impactful.

Do mention net weight, storage instructions and best before date on foundation boxes for customer support. If the expiry date of a foundation starts after opening the product bottle, have it printed clearly on the boxes.

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