Basix Repel Pure: The 100% Natural Grease-Repellent Paper for bags and Wraps

Billerud Korsnäs is One of the World’s Most Sustainable Packaging Company presents Customized Solutions for Indian Snacks’ Packaging in Repel Category of Papers (Grease Resistant Papers) – A Sustainable Paper from Cultivated Forests.

Packaging Portfolio covering different KIT Levels, different Paper GSM offering a wide variety of Choices depending on the Product needs.

The company recognizes the fact that Brands and consumers alike are on the hunt for Packaging that is more sustainable. Alternatives to single-use plastic Materials without PFAS –fluorochemicals that turn into plastic films on grease-resistant papers.

The following are the drawbacks with PFAS:

  • Considered “The forever chemical” – which never disappears
  • Hotly debated globally
  • Denmark first country to ban PFAS in 2019

This creates an opportunity and a demand for sustainable alternatives.

Against this background, a plant-based barrier on 100% primary fibre paper makes Basix Repel Pure, an all-natural grease-repellent paper for bags and wraps. Totally pure all the way from the inside to the outside, Basix Repel Pure is renewable and biodegradable. Hence it makes for the perfect choice if you want to avoid plastic and chemicals near food.

The following are the unique features of Basix Repel Pure:

  • Plant-based barrier material
  • Fluoro-free & fully natural
  • Fully integrated inline treatment
  • Excellent grease protection
  • Supreme paper formation
  • Perfect for printing
  • Complying with local food contact
  • Regulations (China GB/BfR/FDA)

The Basix Repel range is perfect for

  • Bags for French fries
  • Bags for spring rolls
  • Wraps for hamburgers
  • Wraps for sandwiches
  • Bags for doughnuts
  • Bags for pastries
  • Popcorn bags

A plant-based grease-repellent barrier

Basix Repel Pure is a truly sustainable grease-repellent alternative to conventional fluoropolymer-treated grease-resistant bag papers. Thanks to the plant-based barrier in combination with kraft paper made from 100% primary fibres, Basix Repel Pure is an optimal choice if you are looking for a grease-proof or grease-resistant bag paper.

Grease-repellent for bakery and quick service restaurants

Basix Repel Pure has excellent formation and printability, and delivers excellent barrier protection for a wide range of applications and fatty foods. From bread bags and confectionery bags and other bakery applications, to hamburger wraps, sandwich wraps, bags for French fries and hash browns and other types of packaging in the fast food and quick service restaurant segment.

Novel Offerings for the Indian Market

BillerudKorsnäs – the World’s most Sustainable Paper Packaging Company, brings to the Indian Market, Sustainable Paper based Packaging Solutions (Without Plastics) for the Indian Snacks& a Diverse Portfolio of Grease Resistant Papers

Hence Billerud Korsnäs has all that it takes to be “Your One Stop Solution” for all your Indian Fast-Food Packaging.

Grease Resistant Papers are recommended for Packaging of:
1. Bhature & Poori
2. Samosa
3. Croissant, Donuts, Bagels & Breads
4. Idli& Vada
5. Kachori
6. Dosa
7. Sweets
8. Sandwiches & Burgers
9. Butter



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Billerud Korsnas is a leading supplier of renewable packaging materials and solutions and all kinds of conventional packaging to promote a sustainable future.

More than 150 years of expertise

Established in November 2012, through the merger of Billerud and Korsnäs, we pride ourselves with experience building on more than 150 years in the forestry and paper industry. Our expertise, ranging from raw material to consumer insights and environmental concerns, is key for unlocking the potential of paper and packaging solutions, and ultimately, to empower brands and businesses. Every day we help to save resources, increase profits and excite millions of consumers worldwide.

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