Basix Repel Pure – loved by nature and consumers

At BillerudKorsnäs we want to offer alternatives to single-use plastic packaging that risks ending up as hazardous litter in our environment. Alternatives like Basix Repel Pure – the 100% natural grease-repellent paper for bags and wraps. Now bakery and quick service restaurant brands can offer their customers food in packaging without fluoropolymer-based grease barriers.

Brands and consumers alike are looking for more sustainable packaging and are acutely aware of the negative impact on nature from chemicals and plastic. One such compound is fluoropolymers – PFAS – commonly used to create grease resistance in food packaging like hamburger wraps and bags for French fries.

We are pleased to introduce a sustainable alternative: Basix Repel Pure. A plant-based barrier on 100% primary fibres makes Basix Repel Pure a totally clean and natural alternative to fluoropolymer-based barriers. It is FSC and PEFC certified, has excellent printability and oil hold out, proving that you don’t have to compromise with quality when selecting a sustainable material. Simply put, Basix Repel Pure makes it possible to create packaging for bakery and quick service restaurant brands that is loved by both nature and consumers.

And for us together to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

Basix Repel Pure is:

Basix Repel features

A new product line

Basix Repel Pure and the entire Basix Repel line of greaserepellent products are a result of years of dedicated paper
engineering and the expertise in our Packaging Development Center. A massive investment has made the BillerudKorsnäs
Skärblacka site a major centre of MG paper. This enables our grease-repellent papers to be produced and treated in a fully
integrated inline process and to be delivered with a higher, constant quality including supreme paper formation.

Basix Repel products are perfect for

Basix Repel Applications

We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future

BillerudKorsnäs is a leading provider of strong, light, renewable and recyclable packaging material. We have eight production units in Sweden, Finland and the UK and 4,400 employees in over 17 countries. Together with brand owners, converters and packaging partners all over the world, we create smarter packaging solutions that increase profits, excite millions of consumers and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

Billerud Korsnas is a leading supplier of renewable packaging materials and solutions and all kinds of conventional packaging to promote a sustainable future.

More than 150 years of expertise

Established in November 2012, through the merger of Billerud and Korsnäs, we pride ourselves with experience building on more than 150 years in the forestry and paper industry. Our expertise, ranging from raw material to consumer insights and environmental concerns, is key for unlocking the potential of paper and packaging solutions, and ultimately, to empower brands and businesses. Every day we help to save resources, increase profits and excite millions of consumers worldwide.

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