Case Studies

Furniture Supply Chain Packaging Challenges are Much More Gruelling Than Imagined. Here’s How Top Companies Are Overcoming It

One of the key problems facing the sector today are related to supply chain, logistics & packaging.

While there is little that can be done about the logistics aspect, especially when it comes to furniture exports since they are largely dictated by trends in global trade, packaging becomes a key differentiating factor between different companies.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Keeps It Coming.

Like any change, no matter how necessary or good it may be, it carries risks. Transparency is key, prices and availability can not be hidden. What sounds unsteady could become the next generation of your business. The services cost money, and if you can offer these kinds of services, why don’t you take a better slice? We remember a company selling books without ever owning them. This story is also possible in packaging.

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Package Testing Technologies

Advances In Package Testing Technologies For E commerce & Logistics Business – Post Webinar Report

Packaging 360 organized a webinar on 8th October to focus on the technology aspects of recent advances made in the field of package testing through simulation & optimization for packaging transported through carious modes like air, sea & road. Another highlight of the webinar was an analysis & case study presentation from a leading logistics solution provider.

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White Papers

D2C Channel Gearing Up For E-Com Packaging Solutions

In the last few years, midsize to very large companies are gearing up for a new channel to sell products directly to consumers(D2C) on their e-com platform. With the recent pandemic, brand owners have become alert and want to explore the option of launching & selling products on their site. Many companies already have distribution channels with e-com marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Hence, the packaging is taken care of by a third party most of the time. Then, why a sudden demand for an e-com packaging solution for D2C channel?

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N.A.E. launches Solids Box

Organic beauty brand N.A.E. is starting an eCommerce pilot project in cooperation with Amazon. With reduced packaging material and optimized supply chain methods, the brand further enhances its commitment to sustainability.

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E -Commerce Business
White Papers

Advances in Evaluating Transport-Worthiness of Filled Packages for E -Commerce Business

E commerce business in India & world over has seen unprecedent surge in transactions & turnover in the recent past. In the wake of the pandemic & lockdown, customers are learning to exploit the potential of buying goods through the various online platforms offering a gamut of products from F&B to FMCG & consumer electronics to pharmaceuticals.

The success of this mode of business will entail safe delivery of the packaged goods to the doorstep of the customer. Thus, selection of primary, secondary & tertiary packaging materials, their combination to constitute a delivery pack, will involve testing & certification of their transport-worthiness.

In this paper we cover the advances made in this area of testing & standards to enable packaging as one of success factors of the e commerce business model.

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