Ep 16 - Digital Printing enables enhanced Speed to Market with Louis Francis

Ep 16 – Digital Printing enables enhanced Speed to Market with Louis Francis

In this episode of Packaging Talks powered by HP Indigo, Mr. Louis Francis, Managing Director, Xpress Labels Pvt Ltd speaks to Dr. Rangaprasad about the interesting journey of Xpress Labels Pvt Ltd in the digital printing space. Xpress labels have been able to leverage HP Indigo technology to offer solutions with mass customization and increased speed to market capability to a number of clients in South India. Xpress Labels have been able to provide substantial cost savings to their clientele who range from FMCG, Spices to Ayurveda-based brands.

Packaging Talks powered by Packaging 360 offers packaging insights for an engaged packaging audience. Tune in to this Podcast Series for interesting conversations with leaders from successful and upcoming companies, experts and thought leaders in the packaging domain.

If you found this episode interested do tune in to Episode 5 of Packaging Talks powered by HP Indigo, Manan Chandok and Reena Yadav from Digistik in conversation with Dr.R.Rangaprasad of Packaging360, share how they are using Digital Printing to enable Labels on Demand and build a business case around it. They discuss the motivation towards adopting digital printing technology and in the process have built core competence in short runs to meet customer requirements. The lockdown situation presented numerous logistical challenges, however with the power of digital printing by HP Indigo they rose to the occasion and were able to serve not only large brands, but also upcoming brands in healthcare & cosmetics sector.

Dr.R.Rangaprasad is a polymer & packaging professional with over 25 years experience. He has served as Consultant at Indian Institute of Packaging Mumbai & as Director at SIES School of Packaging / Packaging Technology Centre. Between 1995 & 2007, He was associated with Product Application & Research Center of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). He has also conducted training & knowledge workshops at leading FMCG companies in the area of design of polyolefin materials for packaging sector.

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