Ep 30 – Sustainable Packaging & the Evolving Circular Economy with Robert Lilienfeld

In conversation with Dr. Rangaprasad on Packaging Talks, Robert Lilienfeld, Executive Director of SPRING, discusses various facets of Sustainable Packaging & the Evolving Circular Economy.

In conversation with Dr.R.Rangaprasad, Robert discusses a host of contemporary issues including sustainable packaging & the evolving circular economy. He emphasizes that CE is a tool, while the ultimate objective is greenhouse gas reduction. He also explains the importance of plastics as a packaging material, which cannot be discarded overnight. In the end, he shares his thoughts on carbon neutrality & its relevance to packaging industry.

About Robert Lilienfeld

Robert Lilienfeld is currently the Executive Director of SPRING, which is The Sustainable Packaging Research, Information, and Networking Group. SPRING is designed to provide the expert thinking and advice that you need to make informed decisions regarding sustainable packaging concerns. Focus will be on key sustainability issues such as climate change, recycling, and materials selection.

He specializes in strategic planning, creative development, and communications for companies/organizations looking to develop and promote their sustainable packaging efforts. Robert helps clients develop and communicate market positions, messages and value propositions that are relevant, distinctive, credible, highly motivating – and based on science.

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Dr. R. Rangaprasad, is currently Business Head, Packaging 360, a Mumbai based knowledge service provider vertical under Catalyzing New Technology (CNT) Expositions & Services LLP. Packaging 360 is a comprehensive knowledge sharing ecosystem for the Indian packaging industry (www.packaging360.in).

Dr. R. Rangaprasad is a chemical technologist by training having earned his Ph.D. (Tech) degree from UDCT (now ICT) in 1992.

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