The Sustainable Ecologic Refill Kit

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Who isn’t a fan of multi-functional products that make tedious tasks faster and more efficient? Now take this concept and make it sustainable, too. Ecologic Brands is all about feel-good construction and materials that positively transform our consumers’ lifestyles. The Refill Kit does exactly this and more.

The Refill Kit lends itself to multiple departments because of its wide array of uses, such as home cleaning, pet care, food, personal care, plant and garden, and many more. It is also a great gift and offers learning opportunities at home (where we’re all spending a lot more time nowadays). As a bonus, this kit also includes a built-in funnel on the box and a non-toxic recipe brochure provided by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners for household cleaners and soaps.

But what exactly is it? Well, the kit includes four refillable, recyclable, renewable, and customizable eco. bottles with two sprayers and two pumps. With an external paper shell and a thin plastic liner on the inside, the bottle provides consumers with an alternative solution for bottles used in the kitchen, garden, bathroom, classroom, and so forth and allows for the best end-of-life possible. Clean your favorite spaces while also cleaning up the planet.

Moreover, the outer paper shell can either be composted or recycled in the paper stream, and the inner plastic liner can be recycled in the plastic stream. This technology is actually better for the environment than the typical cardboard-lined container because the pieces exist in separate piles to ensure that the paper and plastic are reused. We’re proud that the eco.bottle is the most recyclable, refillable, compostable, customizable, and multifaceted bottle on the market.

Consumers are also given the choice to fill the bottles with their own solutions, making the fight against COVID-19 more bearable. This way, teaching children the importance of cleanliness can begin at home, where it is sustainable, non-toxic, and healthy.

Ecologic Brands is proud to have our Box to Bottle traceable closed-loop system with our eco.bottles. Recycled plastic and recycled paper do not come from just anywhere; manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across the state of California give us their waste, allowing us to not only become certified waste diverter in the state of California but also to create our beautiful refillable eco.bottles. Every part of the eco.bottle is made in our plant in Manteca, California, where we turn waste into value.

Re-use or refill the eco.bottles in any way you see fit. Despite having paper externally, eco.bottles pass all the same performance tests as the traditional plastic bottle of the same size. In fact, the eco.bottle maintains its shape when wet and dries to almost its exact original color.

We encourage everyone to re-use them in the kitchen, by the sink, or even in the shower. Help make the world a better, more sustainable place by purchasing The Refill Kit on Amazon or Etsy today.

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