Film-Type Virusweeper

Toppan Develops Film-Type Virusweeper

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted an increase in safety and hygiene awareness among consumers and propelled demand for contactless environments and products offering antiviral action. In response to these needs, Toppan took advantage of its unique printing and coating expertise to first add antiviral functionality to printed décor materials. Toppan subsequently applied the treatment technique to packaging, announcing Japan’s first paper-based carton packaging capable of reducing the presence of virus particles on surfaces in October last year. Toppan has now enhanced the lineup of the Virusweeper™ series by establishing technology for adding both antiviral and antibacterial performance to film packaging.

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Ecologic bottle

The Sustainable Ecologic Refill Kit

Who isn’t a fan of multi-functional products that make tedious tasks faster and more efficient? Now take this concept and make it sustainable, too. Ecologic Brands is all about feel-good construction and materials that positively transform our consumers’ lifestyles. The Refill Kit does exactly this and more. The Refill Kit lends itself to multiple departments because of its wide array of uses, such as home cleaning, pet care, food, personal care, plant and garden, and many more. It is also a great gift and offers learning opportunities at home (where we’re all spending a lot more time nowadays). As a bonus, this kit also includes a built-in funnel on the box and a non-toxic recipe brochure provided by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners for household cleaners and soaps.

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White Papers

Key Trends That Reshaped Labels & Packaging In 2020

Throughout this eBook, HP Team has explored what the “new normal” looks like and how business will navigate itself to maximize new opportunities. As the world around us changes rapidly, a digital printing solution will evolve to meet your growing business needs, enabling you to leverage the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your business is adequately future-proofed. As the world leader in digital print, HP provides converters with unmatched technological innovation, market-proven profitability and upgradeable systems to ensure that your business can meet the needs of your customers today – and more importantly tomorrow.

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consumer behaviour
Case Studies

Global consumers’ attitudes toward sustainable packaging

Sustainability remains a key topic for the packaging value chain, but there are few (if any) insights into consumer perceptions globally—especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is also influencing consumer sentiment and behavior. To better understand this influence, Mckinsey launched a survey across ten countries to explore consumers’ attitudes toward sustainable packaging, building on an earlier work focusing on consumer sentiment in the United States.

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E Bottle packaging

Smurfit Kappa unveils innovative new packaging portfolio

The new portfolio includes a variety of sustainable solutions for single and multi-pack products, including the Rollor bottle pack, BiPack, and Pop-up insert. The surge in e-commerce due to the Covid-19 pandemic is evident across all sectors and the beverage market has also seen a significant impact.

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