Paperbubble® Paper Sheets Are An Innovative And Eco-friendly Substitute For Traditional Bubble Cushioning.

PAPER Bubble application

Businesses today have undergone a paradigm shift. Offline to online… Limited options to unlimited options. Careless thinking to a sustainability thought process. We are trying to see how and where we can put in efforts to improve the alignment of everything to a circular economy. In one such effort, Storopack, a company with 150-year-old experience in protective packaging, brings an innovative product.

PAPERbubble® is an innovative solution for companies that pack small to medium-sized products (e.g. decorations, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals) and are looking for a paper-based alternative to conventional prefilled air bubble film. The sheets are versatile in use and can be applied for wrapping, top filling, padding or cushioning. Thanks to their large bubbles, a high product protection and an efficient material use can be combined.

Furthermore, the sustainable product impresses with its classy design and provides a high-quality unboxing experience. PAPERbubble® can be disposed of in the wastepaper along with the shipping box and is 100% recyclable. The 2 available options are made from Kraft paper. Due to the degree of innovation, PAPERbubble® is printed and carries our Storopack brand.

PAPERbubble® does not require a machine system and thus has low investment costs. The product is delivered in a handy box, which has a tab at the bottom, so it serves as well as a tabletop stand:


Further accessories such as floor stands are available too. In addition, requests for SMARTline Stations with PAPERbubble® on a swivel arm can be placed. Please use to receive a custom offer.

We are pleased to inform you that for the Regions EU, Asia-Pacific, SA and MEA

  1. PAPERbubble® 580mm x 380mm 300sheets
  2. PAPERbubble® 580mm x 380mm 300sheets white

are available and can be ordered.

PAPERbubble® is delivered in boxes. Each box contains 300 sheets. By default, there are 20 boxes on one pallet. For any further information about this great product, please connect with us on +91 76779 76779 or write to us on the above email id.

We are sure that PAPERbubble® will turn out to be a game changer in your packaging strategies. Looking to eliminate plastic… looking for a recyclable product… looking for a sustainable packaging option.. PAPERbubble® is your only solution!!!



Storopack is a specialist in protective packaging and technical molded parts. As a global, family-run company, tradition and innovation play a key role in everything we do. Our aim is to offer customers the perfect protective packaging solution and support them over the long term – this idea is what shapes our daily activities.

Established as a family-run company in 1874, Storopack has been operating under the name Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH since 1959 and is located in Metzingen, Germany. The company is organized into two divisions: the Molding division produces tailored protective packaging and technical molded parts from expanded foams for a variety of industries.

The Packaging division offers flexible protective packaging with air cushions, paper pads, PU foam packaging systems, loose-fill packaging materials, and their integration into existing packaging processes.

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