Moisture is On Board? Sorbead India’s Container Desiccants Got You Covered!

Moisture is On Board? Sorbead India's Container Desiccants Got You Covered!

Every year, between June to September, South Asia encounters extremely heavy rainfall. Rainfall turns into a downpour and leads to a flood situation. Monsoon does not appear out of the blue; pre-monsoon showers heighten the arrival of monsoon, which welcomes moisture in the air. As the monsoon arrives, a phase of heavy rainfall and storms takes place, which increases the risk of flooding. Post heavy rainfall, moisture creates an exigent situation for ports and airports that impede operations and creates wet and damaged shipments. It is crucial for shippers and traders to pack their cargo appropriately to secure the shipments. Sorbead India got a solution for safeguarding your shipments from moisture.

Cargo Dry Pak by Sorbead India
Cargo Dry Pak by Sorbead India

Shipping containers are always at perils of calamitous moisture impact because the regular elevation of moisture inside the container leads to mold, mildew, fungus formation, soggy smell, rusting of metal parts, and to Container Rain. Many goods like food products, pharmaceutical products, electrical & electronics goods, metal parts, and automobile accessories are at a larger risk due to aerial humidity. Desiccants and absorbents can provide 100% assurance during the whole voyage from humidity and moisture. While using desiccant, one can manage the integrity and quality of products being exported. Cargo and freight will be disengaged from the high risk of dismissal and losses.

To offset such threats, Sorbead India gives Cargo Dry Pak, a mixture of clay desiccant & calcium chloride, which constrain the moisture efficiently and lessens the dew point inside the container. They are capable of shielding all sorts of products like leather, food, pharmaceuticals, glass, metal, automobile and further. Cargo dry pak is USFDA approved and CFR 21 compliance container desiccant. Cargo dry paks are environmentally secure and can be disposed of as normal waste. It works on the principle of equilibrium and offers security for more than 50 days.

One can use Sorbead India’s container desiccants to be risk-free from the threats of mold, mildew, fungus formation, rusting, and container rain. Packs are available in 500 gm with Tyvek packing easy to place on pallets and products, and 1500 gm with hanging string can be attached, hooked on the sidewall of the container. It is non-toxic in nature and can be used reliably with food, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture product storage.

Sorbipaks for Containers

Sorbipaks for Containers

While stocking goods in your containers, the only difficulty that can occur is moisture during the voyage. Sorbipaks Container Desiccants give you a protective guard against the collection of condensation.

Sorbead India offers one of the most extensive and diversified spectrums of container desiccants and have gained an impressive clientele in several business domains like the pharmaceutical industry, agro& food industry, electronics, chemicals and engineering, textile, and garment industry for more than 24 years with powerful moisture solutions with our cutting-edge technology. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company founded in 1996, produced the high-quality material of container desiccants and supplied it across to India and other countries. The desiccant is examined under all temperatures and humidity variations. It gives prevention from moisture damage, container sweat, container rain while sea transportation. It hinders the formation of mold, mildew, fungus, insects, rust& corrosion. Sorbipaks are ecosystem friendly, reach compliant, and non-toxic in nature. They are non-harmful, stable, strong, and simple to use. Sticker adhesive for 125 gms packs & sticker adhesive with a hook for 500 gms (125 gms*4) container strip packs are being provided for Sorbipaks. It protects ocean, truck, rail, and air shipping consignments. It is reliable to provide more than 60 days of protection and shield to the cargo and freight. It also eliminates the risk of leakage or the leaching of moisture in the cargo and consignments.

Moisture may be very essential for the environment but for freight and cargo businesses; it is a curse. Desiccants and other container absorbents can become our voyage friends and safeguard our consignments from container rain. You may get a thumbs-up from your clientele after they receive their consignments dry despite climate change and heavy moisture.

Often it is found that handling agents give shipments a miss if they are erroneously packed. To keep on with freight, it is important to be cautious about the risk of damage. This year the arrival of cyclones Tauktae and Yaas led to defilement and cargo shipments. But the real problem is not the rainfall outside the container, ‘Container Rain’; moisture is an inevitable problem. Due to the heavy moisture present in the container’s air when encountering a temperature change that causes moisture to turn into water is exactly a container rain. All that moisture transforms into condensation and then into humidity in a cycle that keeps it raining inside the shipment during the time that it could take for it to reach its destination. Container rain may lead to mildew and mold.


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